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Composite RCA mod needs more contrast

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Hi-  I have a light sixer that I modded RCA composite from the lesser priced mods on Ebay.  The light sixer has also had a recap kit. 


I'm pretty excited with the composite result as my screen is very sharp, rock solid stable, and a drastic improvement over the old RF.  However, the colors are a bit dull and could use more contrast.  So much so that I have to increase my TVs brightness and contrast to get a good picture.  Its a minor annoyance, but I'm at the point where I want to tinker with this.  


I've seen threads discussing bypassing certain resistors to get more juice to the video output, but I could be talking poppycock here.


Can somebody provide some input or a general discussion or links to other threads on where to look to increase contrast/video output from the unit?

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Some of the basic composite mod boards add an additional 75Ω resistor that is attached on the video out and ground on the board. In some cases, the instructions might have you attach the resistor at the RCA output itself with the resistor between the center signal out tab and the ground lug. Removing that will boost the video signal and usually helps on modern LCD based displays. However, on a CRT the signal might be too bright and is why the resistor was added in the first place.


the other best and least expensive solution is to forgo the composite mod you have in it now, and replace it with a UAV. That would provide you with an improved composite output image (From what I've seen other state in these forums), and provide with s-video output if you had the means to use that as well or later down the line.


The best and most expensive option, is to get an RGB kit. That kit provides composite, s-video (better than the UAV s-video actually), and RGBs output. If you paid a little more for a small companion board, you can get YUV component output as well.



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