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Emulationstation - GAMELIST.XML questions

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Hi -


I made several edits to games while on the Emulationstation menu itself.   I always use the "save on exit" option when I am editing my lists (and uncheck it when I am not so it wont always update the times played and reload every boot). Typically, I will edit a few games and then restart Emulationstation so as to make sure the changes get saved to file.


However, I edited several games and called up another game to test it but it froze on the screen.  It just froze. I could not get it to exit back to the emulationstation.


After waiting a few minutes, I finally had to just power down Raspberri Pi.   Unfortunately this will not trigger the 'save on exit' option so I lose my edits.  This happens on occasion and it's is annoying to lose progress.


So, two questions:


(1)  When this happens, it there any other way to kill the process when CTRL-C and all the other keyboard and control button presses don't work?  Is there any way I can connect to the machine from the laptop and issue a command to kill the process? I was going to try to delete the ZIP file that crashed or try to at least end the mame2010 process trying to run it. I was trying to connect to my Pi (using the IP address) from my laptop and on some nights for some reason it won't connect...it's really annoying.  I connect directly to my Pi when I want to make bulk edits to any GAMELIST.XML or edit any configuration files (EMULATORS.CFG) or copy new images over, so I can get around using my laptop when it wants to work.


(2) By any chance, is this updated text dumped into a file anywhere on the system before they get saved to the GAMELIST.XML, or are these changes just kept in memory and lost when you power down ?






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I'll poke around the folder in a bit later and see if I can find a text dump of the changes I made......otherwise, I'll just have to make them again....oh well.


Small problem to have when I have such a robust library of arcade coin-ops.  I really love the golden age of the arcades.  So many awesome, simple games.



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