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Apple IIc (PAL) RGB adapter

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Hi All,


Looking into possibilities to get colour out from my Apple IIc PAL, I found out that there are only few options:

1. A2M4023 "PAL Modulator/Adapter" :  Almost impossible to find today, sells at high price when available

2. Le Chat Mauve RGB adapter : Even more difficult to get and more expensive

3. Video 7 adapter Not much information, might not even work on PAL Apple IIc's, and haven't found a single one for sale in months

5. PI RGB to HDMI : https://github.com/hoglet67/RGBtoHDMI/wiki , seems to be working but I haven't seen an feedback / guide on how to set it up for an Apple IIc

4. A2Heaven : Apple IIc VGA adaptor ( http://www.a2heaven.com/webshop/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=135 ), seems out of stock and a bit on the high price tag level


Does anyone has any feedback on these solutions?

Is there any other solution available, I'm looking especially at DIY solutions as I like to work on this kind of stuffs.

I'm developping my own DIY solution but I'm struggling with it and would like to compare with other solutions and experience from others.


I will certainly try the PI RGB to HDMI solution in the future, and I'm especially eager to have some inputs on how to get started with this, what to buy/build to have ot working on an Apple 2c.


Best regards

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I got some success with my diy rgb adapter!


Colors must be adjusted and transition to/from white shall be improved (how?)




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Small updates, I had to review my design to cope with all possible screen modes and pixel transitions the Apple II can output.

I need to do some compromises, trying to keep everything simple enough. but I think the results are quite good:





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