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SillyVenture 2020+1 Art Scene Videos

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SillyVenture 2020+1 Atari Art Scene Videos with awesome soundtracks! Demo scene and awards ceremony:



SillyVenture Day2 - Competitions part 2 - YouTube

SillyVenture Day3 - Awards Ceremony - YouTube


KC OS from Colorventure


Here is the KC Operating System demo for Atari 2600 for play on the classic Starpath SuperCharger and PlusCart and UnoCart, and a cut down version of the OS for the Harmony multicart :) 












Files can be put on a standard audio cassette tape for the SuperCharger. 


To create an indexed automated high speed tape drive like the ADAM family home computer, a one minute answering machine tape may be used.


The PlusCart, UnoCart, Gopher, Javatari and Stella version of the binary have an extra program, KC Arena, that is not present in the Harmony version of the operating system:




Harmony Version:




UnoCart and PlusCart cannot play Arkanoid Airhead yet, but the SuperCharger, Harmony, Gopher, Stella and Javatari can.


Arkanoid Airhead is an adaptive hardware game that plays in Black, White or Rainbow using exactly the same codebase depending on which Atari system you play on! :) 



The KC Operating System was written in SuperCharger Disk BASIC which allows programming modular disk based Atari games up to 2 MB in size using legacy retro technology.


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Congratulations on 2nd place in the "ATARI 2600 VCS DEMO" competition

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5 hours ago, Al_Nafuur said:


Congratulations on 2nd place in the "ATARI 2600 VCS DEMO" competition

Thanks Al_Nafuur! The SillyVenture competition is tremendous fun! :)


I was inspired to write playable demos from wanting to play the amazing demos written by @Tjoppen and other authors on the scene. 


It's very cool to see PlusCart and UnoCart supporting very large SuperCharger productions!


We could see large modular games written for the SuperCharger the size of Audacity's 128K ROM and beyond.


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