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Weird TI History

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After watching some more videos of Nostalgia Nerd, I watched some other videos of his, and started watching a video on the Home Computer Museum in Helmond, the Netherlands (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8dexRPxeRs&t=0s)


At around the 11:22 mark the owner starts discussing the DAI Computer that originated from Belgium.  This has a very interesting TI Connection.


Has anyone in especially the US know about this?


Edit:  Sorry for this post, I just saw it was already discussed.


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I worked in a UK computer shop from 1979 until early/mid 1992.


One of my jobs at the computer shop I worked at, was to evaluate new products including computers. We we offered some of these and although they are unknown in the USA, they are well known, but rather rare now in Europe and rarer in the UK. By the time the DAI appeared on the scene, similar, high performance 'home' computers were established. The nearest UK equivalent would be the Acorn BBC computer with it's 2MHz 6502 and EXCELLENT FAST and highly structured BASIC with built in assembler.

Here is a playlist of demo software.







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