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Looking for branching-path, choice driven adventures for the TI.

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Are there any branching-path, choice driven text/graphic adventures for the TI?

I mean something that would be more like the old Choose Your Own Adventure, Lone Wolf, or Tunnels and Trolls gamebooks.

You are presented with a description of your current situation, and instead of having to guess and type-in commands, you would have a selection to pick from; I.E.:

A. take the tunnel to the left, turn to section 156

B. examine the sign, turn to section 100

C. approach the traveler (he looks grumpy), turn to section 23


Interactive combat (simulated dice rolls and stats, etc) and graphics would be a plus, but not a necessity.

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Well, Who's Behind the Mexican UFOs is a multiple choice adventure, written using Harry Wilhelm's The Missing Link (for XB+32K). 




No combat of any kind, though. 





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I am aware of that one actually. Was hoping for other such adventures like it. Thanks though!

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