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I downloaded NeoTracker and some tunes but I just can't understand how you should play these back. It seems there's some kind of installer program but all I get is a "CIO ERROR" at the prompt. The main program and the installer are on the same disk but I'm getting nowhere.


Help :)





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Did you try to run it from a dos disk ?

Most probably you can't run it from a "game-dos"...



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it took me many months to find out how Neo-Tracker and its installer works. But now, Neo-Tracker loads off of my floppy drive and fully uses my 576k RAM. I will tell you how to do it:


- The manual says the tracker and the installer work with Sparta DOS X (untetsted, I don`t have one!), My-DOs 4.5x (yes!!) and any DOS that has a memlo under $2000 and does not use RAM under OS ROM (nope! did not work with DOS 2.5, Turbo DOS, etc. etc.)...



First coldstart your computer (meaning: power-off, then on again) and load the Installer without Basic (hold down Option!) under MyDOS 4.5x. You have to use Option "L" Binary load, since any kind of Autorun.SYS or *.ARx does not work (I do not know why). I used MyDOS 4.55 with a Ramdisk driver as *.AR0 (first Autorun) and an Ultraspeed driver as *.AR1 (second Autorun). Then I load the Installer or Neo-Tracker with the Binary load option L.


When the menu of the instller appears, you can change and alter several things. First you can choose where to load the songs/samples/patterns from - just press RETURN if Drive 1 is ok for you. Next comes the hardest and most difficult part: the extra rambanks. The installer and neo-tracker require a minimum of 128k RAM. Make sure that all the shown rambanks are correct and fit with your computer. If the installer shows wrong / non-existing rambanks (or just garbage), quit the program without saving anything (that would be garbage then)...


Make a coldstart (empty your RAM and extra RAM!) and try to load the installer again. Hopefully it now shows the correct rambanks. You can use SPACEbar to de/select the rambanks (i.e. if you have 576k and want to use 320k only for the neo-tracker). If you are satisfied with your selections, press RETURN. The most difficult part is done now. Next comes the I/O toggle, press SPACEbar to toggle it on or off (I recommend off). LAst comes the toggle for Pokey (4Bit) or Covox (8Bit) playback. Use SPACEbar to toggle - but use Covox only if you really have the Covox sound enhancement (otherwise the Neotracker will not work)...


Now you are done...almost. Press Reurn again and the program will ask you to save NEO.COM. Simply confirm with "Y" and when done press ESC key and confirm with "Y" to quit the installer. A quite difficult process, but worth it...


Now, whatever happens (maybe you get back to DOS/DUP, maybe not), you have to coldstart your atari again. When done, boot without Basic and use Binary load option "L" to load the neo-tracker under MyDOS. It should start loading and after 1-2 seconds present a title-screen (if not, the program has crashed). At the end of loading the program needs some seconds to depack, so wait...


Finally neo-tracker will present a nice menu-screen. If you have any neo-sounds on disk, use TAB to set the cursor on the Track menu, then press CTRL-L to display a directory of *.NEO sounds. Choose one and press RETURN to load it. When loaded press Return to listen to it, press Spacebar to quit to the menu. You can also load/import MOD sounds, just use TAB to set the cursor to the Track menu and press CTRL-R to import a MOD sound (if you have any on Atari disks). To Save the MOD sound as NEO sound, set the cursor on the track menu and press CTRL-S to display a dir. again, then type in a filename (no extender) and press SHIFT-Return to save the file...


Enough said, Neo-tracker has a built-in helpscreen, just press the HELP key to see all avilable keyboard commands or read the english instructions if you have them. If you still have difficulties or just want a copy with english instructions and some sounds, e-mail me:

amp#abbuc*de greetings, Andreas.


P.S.: I have already contacted the author (Epi / Adrian Matoga) and told him about the various bugs and problems. Let`s wait and see if he releases another version or update...

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I thank you too! Once I got as far as to run installed NeoTracker, but then didn't figured out how to LOAD and PLAY any damn music :) Now I'm playing myself with downloading some regular MOD files and playing them through NeoTracker in emulator.. nice.

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