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Wanted: Interesting Auctions

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Over 5 months now without a reply...


And there is no longer a highlighted auction link from the main page of the site?  When did that disappear? I rarely check it as I have a bookmark directly to the forums, but does this still warrant a sticky if no link is used on the main page of site?




I mean seriously Al, first you kill off Alex, and I know I'm not the first to find his remains in the homebrews I buy (this was a pretty slick way of disposing of him though) now no updates to the site for highlighted auctions...  AA is slipping!  :P




I agree. It is time for this sticky to be gone.


By the way I was wondering what happened to Alex. The last time that Alex was on here was Sat Dec 11, 2004 6:22 PM. It has been almost a year.



I don't know the reason why but Alex still posts here, he only posts as unregistered at the moment though. Here is a link to a couple of unregistered posts.



Ooops, I just realized that these are actually super old threads and Alex has not posted in awhile never mind.

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This auction might interest someone. A Vader 2600 with a silver "long" box, which I've never seen before (all the boxed Vaders I've acquired have the square box), decent selection of common to uncommon games, manuals for just about all of them, and a collection of Supercharger cassettes, including a boxed Phaser Patrol, which I'm assuming also includes the Supercharger itself.. On the downside, all the Parker Brothers manuals have the proof of purchase corners cut out, and that's a rather high starting bid. Still, I'm willing to bet someone out there will want this stuff, even at the price.



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OK, no posts here for quite a while, so how about this?


This is probably one of the earliest examples of computer software as a collector's item. Limited edition, individually signed and numbered - very unusual at the time. The Scott Adams adventures also represent something of a landmark in the history of "personal computer" (with a small "P" and a small "C") software, as he effectively took a mainframe game and made it into a genre.


The price on this auction is a little high, but it's a very nice item.

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It got too rich for me :sad:



For what it's worth I paid $65 for my last one, but it was brand new also and this one clearly isn't new.

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Vectrex Protector Limited Edition


No idea these things were worth so much... Kinda sad I'm not keeping it now!


---oops, not atari related... sorry about that! (link deleted)

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