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Austin TX

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Can anyone suggest any places to look for classic games to buy while I'm visitng Austin next week? thanks

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I heard there is a place in Northcross Mall. Bruce and Albert would know better.

Yes, that is called Gamefellas and they sell used and new video games. However, they probably don't have very much in the way of classic stuff, and they tend to be overpriced in my opinion (it's been a while since I've been to one of their stores). But I have bought Atari 2600 games from them in the past, so if you're in the area (and they are still in business), it's worth stopping by. Not sure they are still in business, though, as their website (http://www.gamefellas.com) seems to be gone now. They have/had stores in several malls here in Austin.


Your best luck for classic gaming items in a store in Austin is at a place called "Game Over", located at 911 W Anderson Ln # 112:




The last time I went there was right before the Midwest Gaming Classic in June to stock up on some more 2600 controllers. If you go by there, tell him Albert from AtariAge sent you. Hopefuly that won't get you kicked out. ;)


Unfortunately, you won't have much luck at thrift stores finding classic games, and Austin doesn't have any good flea markets (there's one on 290, but it's terrible). Too many techies here in Austin--I think they snap everything up as soon as it appears on the shelves!



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