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Armor Attack II is a continuation of the exciting and addicting arcade game made by Cinematronics in 1980. Like the original, this is a one or two player battle-action game where your jeeps (equipped with rocket launchers) defend war torn landscapes with 16 different terrains that are randomly chosen at the beginning of each level.

The play field is a top view of cities with road and building areas defined. Players (jeeps) and enemies (tanks) can only maneuver on the roads, however the enemy helicopter can go over buildings and roads. No shots by anything can go through buildings, as they are only valid over road areas. Debris left by tanks is sometimes destructive, so make sure to shoot them from a safe distance!

The object is to accumulate the maximum number of points possible. In a two player game, both players play simultaneously and neither player can shoot the other. The player(s) must avoid being shot or run over by the enemy tanks, and avoid being shot by the helicopter. If a player shoots a helicopter, the bonus level is incremented by 10 points. When the fifth helicopter is destroyed an extra jeep is awarded to the player who shot the helicopter the fifth time. (Bonus Levels: +10, +20, +30, +40, extra jeep and reset to zero). The player's turn is over when he/she gets shot by the tank or helicopter. In a two player game, the level does not reset and the player does not return (if he/she has any lives left) until both players are shot.

If a player shoots a tank once, there is a time limit to shoot the turret. If a player does not then shoot the turret, it will explode automatically and no points will be awarded.

Skill Levels

Each Skill Level starts the player at different points in the game (including the player's score):

  • Easy: On the 'Easy' Skill level, there are fewer tanks, they don't shoot as often, move much slower, the turrets follow you very slowly, and the helicopter doesn't shoot often.
  • Normal: The 'Normal' skill level is for players who are familiar with the game and features a good balance of difficulty and challenge.
  • Hard: On the 'Hard' skill level, there are many more tanks required to complete a level, they shoot much more often, move quickly, the turrets follow you immediately, and the helicopter shoots much more often as well. If you are able to get through a few of the more difficult levels, a second helicopter is brought out to further hinder you.

Additional Information

Armor Attack II includes the game cartridge and four-page color manual. Armor Attack II supports both NTSC and PAL television standards.

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Armor Attack II BoxArmor Attack II Box

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Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller 7800 ProLine Joysticks or CX-40 Joysticks
Cartridge Size 16K
Programming Robert DeCrescenzo
Edladdin on 09/30/2019 01:00am
I never spent much time with the Cinematronics arcade original back in the day, but I really love this game. For me it feels like the Combat game I would like to have had as a kid, driving around a variety of obstacle courses fighting not just tanks but also helicopters. And not in the original plodding tank, but in a nimble Jeep that%u2019s fun to play - running and gunning like an Indy 500 car with a machine gun. Best of all, fun one player games with you battling multiple tanks with decent AI. I%u2019d love to try the two player version, which is co-op only against the enemy attackers. A game for me on the 7800.
Derek El on 10/06/2017 07:50am
I never played the original arcade version. Immediately my mind thought of Tron's arcade game with the tank sequence or even Combat for the 2600, and while this game is something like that, it obviously has its own style.

The main thing tht separates this game from those others I mentioned is speed. You are in a jeep rather than a tank so you can move quickly around the board. Both the choppers and tanks appear out of nowhere so you can't just sit around. There's nothing worse than stalking one tank only for a chopper or new tank suddenly appear behind me and blasting me to bits.

This game is hard, even on easy mode, but fun to play. I give it 5 stars. The box and manual are beautiful as well and worth the extra bucks.
Funkmaster V on 07/17/2017 07:05pm
If you liked this game back in the day, you may want to check it out. If you have never played this game before--- you might be like me and have a hard time finding out what people like about this one. If you are picking and choosing which Atari 7800 homebrews to buy, there are MANY more worth checking out first.
John E. Brown II (GoldLeader) on 11/14/2016 02:14pm
When I saw this game in the AA Store, I couldn't order it fast enough.

Like a lot of people I enjoyed the original Armor Attack in arcades in the old days...And always had fun with the Vectrex port. And YES this game is as fun as you think it will be!

Buy or Die!
Trebor on 02/21/2016 04:37pm
Providing players with the option of either up joystick movement to accelerate or the secondary fire button, players from the outset customize to their liking - and they will like, if not love, Armor Attack II. Whether players are driving solo, in dual mode - as a team or competition, the heat is on and the action intense.

Choppers fly over with missile launch attacks, and well-designed A.I. tanks with increasing difficulty keep players on their toes. A welcomed addition from the original is the constant change-up of battleground layout, providing new retreats and new danger zones. No pre-planning or nesting here, as enemies enter the field randomly, and may very well appear right behind or on top of you, if you chose to try and hide.

Get immersed, get armed, and get ready, you're in for a (tank) blast!
Joe Walsh on 09/07/2013 03:50pm
An excellent, improved implementation of a classic game. The randomization of enemy entry locations and timing keeps it fresh, and the two-player simultaneous mode is awesome!

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