Pac-Man Arcade - Atari 5200



Keep Pac-Man alive! This is the sensational game that took the world by storm. Help Pac-Man eat up the dots and defy the ghosts as you guide him through the maze. Gobble dots, energy pills, fruit, ships, bells, keys, and ghosts to score points. Eat all the dots on the screen and the maze starts all over, Score 10,000 points and earn a bonus Pac-man.

Pac-Man Arcade Pac-Man Arcade

While the original 5200 Pac-Man was an excellent rendition of the arcade game, we have taken it even further to give you one of the best Pac-Man experiences you can have on a classic console. The maze has been updated to be more in scale with the arcade version. All graphics and sounds have been updated. Gameplay elements have been given attention as well so speeds, ghost tracking behaviors and energizer/bonus times are identical to the arcade original. This is the arcade experience at home!

Additional Information

Pac-Man Arcade includes the game cartridge only.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming tep392
Label Artwork John (Atariboy) Calcano
NamcoPlayer on 02/09/2021 03:47pm
This has to be the best Pac-Man game for the Atari 5200. I recently tried out the demo ROM from tep392, and I have to say, it was one of the best Pac-Man games for the Atari 8-bit and 5200 consoles. The font has been changed to look like the arcade, instead of the small text in Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man for the 2 consoles I said above, and the maze fits good, instead of being stretched, unlike the Pac-Man 5200 version. Overall, this is a really good port. I scored 100,000 points in the Teddy Bear level start, which is kind of neat for an immediate player in Pac-Man like me.
Tim Grooms on 11/12/2018 04:29pm
Awesome Pac-Man reproduction. Plays just like the arcade! Much better than the original 5200 Pac-Man.
David Protestari on 07/22/2016 12:53pm
If you love Pac Man and the Atari 5200 this is the version to get. I reviewed this game on one of the Atari 5200 Super Podcast Episodes and it blows away the original 1982 game. This game demonstrates why the 5200 is the super system.
Keith Sheehan on 07/10/2016 04:29pm
This is a close as you're going to get to the arcade version of Pac-Man on the 5200. TEP was meticulous in bringing not only the look and feel of the arcade to the 5200 but the rules, scoring and intermissions as well. The Atari port was good for its time but this one blows it away.

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