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Brik is a version of the classic brick breaking genre of games for your Atari console, featuring multiple unique levels, bonuses and enemies. The object of the game is to use the bat at the bottom of the screen to keep the ball in play as you knock out bricks to score points.

Using the joystick controller you can move the bat left or right. Pressing the fire button launches the ball towards the bricks. Move the bat left or right to keep the ball in play. If the ball passes the bat you will lose a life and the ball will be reset on the bat ready to start again. If you lose all four lives the game is over.


Each level is patrolled by an enemy. If the ball hits the enemy the enemy is destroyed, but the ball's angle will change and speed will temporarily be increased. Destroying a brick sometimes reveals a bonus hidden underneath it, which will then fall towards the bottom of the screen. These bonuses can be collected by your bat.

Brik also includes Brik 180, a new twist on the classic brick breaking genre, featuring unique levels, dual bats, and a rotated play area. Brik 180 differs from similar games by the use of two bats, one at the left side of the screen and another at the right side. The player controls both bats simultaneously, requiring great skill and fast reactions.

Additional Information

Brik includes game cartridge and eight-page, full-color manual. Brik supports NTSC and PAL television formats.

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Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick (Brik), Joystick or Paddle (Brik 180)
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming Repixel8
Diego on 06/14/2020 10:39pm
So i bought this game because i love breakout. This game is very well made, i love the power ups, but the only thing i dislike about it is that it does not work with the paddles. With the joystick is playable but it is sometimes frustrating. Had it worked with the paddles i would have given it a 5.
Kaboomer on 01/16/2019 08:03pm
I recently repaired my paddles and fell in love with paddle games again so was searching for fun paddle games to play that I hadn't in years. I purchased this game a while ago but never played it! I didn't read the fine print and just assumed this worked with paddles, but, only the side game works with paddles and the primary Brik game does not!! Alas! For what this is, updated Breakout (with Archanoid tendancies), the game design is well laid out. I enjoyed the creative design of levels after the first few (look out Space Invader!). My only gripe is why make an updated version of Breakout but design it to use with only Joystick? I very much wish the design would see this and re-issue with Paddles (Please). Other than Joystick use, this is a great game!
high voltage on 07/06/2017 05:48pm
Brik, game review, by high voltage (rock 'n' roll)

Here we have an Atari VCS 2600 game from British firm "repixel8" and what a welcome surprise this is, a very first Atari VCS game made in England perhaps? Checking out the official website quickly reveals another title called "Jump VCS". So maybe this is repixel8's second VCS title.
As a side note, both "Jump VCS" and Brik are available direct from the repixel8 website (UK) or Atari Age (USA).

But let's talk about this game, Brik.
On this game cartridge you will find the game Brik, plus a bonus title called Brik 180.

Basically Brik is Breakout, the VCS game from the olden days. Over the years, Breakout had various variations, including the famous game Arkanoid from the Japanese video game company Taito. Once could say that this cart is a mixture of both.

Powering up the cart and getting started gives you the following options:
TV Type select switch set to 'Color' starts the game in NTSC mode, or switching to 'BW' for PAL, nice touch.
There's also an option for selecting the TV modes when playing the game on the Atari 7800 Pro System, 'Power on' starts the game in NTSC mode, holding 'Pause', and 'Power on' starts the game in PAL mode. Further, the game Brik 180 can be played with either joysticks or paddle controllers

But enough of this, how's the game play, you may ask.

Brik, of course, is a variation of the old classic, with some new additions thrown in for good measure:
Enemies: Enemies are guarding each level, and you have to try and kill an enemy by hitting it with your ball. Careful, as hitting an enemy will change the angle of your ball and the speed of the ball does get faster.
Bonuses: Hidden within the bricks sometimes reveal a bonus when hitting said brick. The following bonuses can be collected: Catching the S style bonus gives you 200 extra points, and catching the heart, well, guess what, giving you an extra life. When all lives are lost, the game's over, as in GAME OVER.
Pressing Reset on the console puts you back to the title screen.

To play this game use the joystick controller in the left controller port to control the bat at the bottom of the screen. Knock out as many bricks as you can by hitting the ball, try not to miss the ball or you will lose a life. By knocking out bricks, you will score points. Collect bonuses, kill the enemies, the rest you know...

Brik 180:
This is a sideways Breakout featuring dual bats, one bat is located on the left hand side of the screen and the other on the right side, with the bricks being arranged at the centre screen. You, the player, control both bats at the same time, yes this is not a 2-player game, hence, you gotta watch both sides of the screen trying not to miss the ball. Beware, things gonna get fast very quick indeed.
Did I mention the Wormhole? Star Trek? The instructions say. Beware!
Basically, in Brik 180, if the ball enters the wormhole on the left-hand side, the ball will re-appear on the right-hand side therefore missing the bricks in the middle. So be prepared for some fast and furious ball hitting action.

Ordering from AtariAge, Brik comes with a professional printed cartridge, manual, an AtariAge 2017 game catalogue featuring future releases for the Atari 2600, the Atari 5200, the Atari 7800 and the Atari Jaguar. The cartridge and the manual/catalogue each come packed in a sealed (with AA sticker) plastic bag.

In Brik-laying terms: I like it.
tkarner on 06/02/2016 11:18pm
Brik is a very good game; an Arkanoid clone simplified for the 2600. It's now my favorite Breakout style game on the 2600. Game play and control are smooth and responsive. The Arkanoid-ish levels are well laid out and play well.

Initially I experienced an unbearable amount of flicker on an LCD. A CRT was only marginally better. I was about to give up on the game until I read the manual (what a concept!) and read about "Flicker-Free" mode. Toggling the Select switch eliminates the flicker. The trade off is reduced detail in the bricks. A good trade in my view and that's how I now play the game.

Brik also has power ups like Arkanoid but there's only two. One gives an extra life and the other is a point bonus. I wish there were more as neither power up affects gameplay. I realize the laser paddle and multiball might be a stretch for the 2600 but some others, like extended paddle and sticky paddle, might have worked.

Overall a quality and enjoyable 2600 game.

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