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Penguin Adventure - ColecoVision
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Penguin Adventure - ColecoVision
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Dream Continent Adventure

The beautiful penguin Princess Penko has succumbed to the deadly virus sweeping the Kingdom of the Penguins! The only possible cure is the fruit of the Golden Apple Tree—located in a faraway land. Long ago, the penguins used to live in this distant land. They still refer to it as Continent of Dreams.

But many years ago they were driven out of their homeland by the penguins' arch foes, the Freezauruses, horrid giant flying carnivorous lizards. The Freezauruses still retain control of Continent of Dreams.

Make the long, dangerous journey to the land of Golden Apple Tree! Save the lovely Princess Penko, and return the Kingdom of the Penguins to its former glory!!

Penguin Adventure Penguin Adventure Penguin Adventure Penguin Adventure


  • Great variety of stages and enemies and RPG elements
  • Purchase items that give Penta new abilities
  • Venture through forests, ice, water, caves, and even an outer-space bonus level
  • Go on almost completely different paths using hidden shortcuts
  • Awesome soundtrack!
  • Brutal boss battles with the terrible Freezauruses

Super Game Module

Super Game Module Required

Penguin Adventure requires a Super Game Module. The Super Game Module plugs into your ColecoVision's expansion port, bringing dramatically enhanced sound quality and over thirty times the memory of an unexpanded system. The Super Game Module shifts the ColecoVision into overdrive, bringing the greatest arcade hits of the 1980s home without a trace of compromise. You can learn more about the Super Game Module and add your name to the waiting list by visiting Opcode Games.

Pre-Ordering and Shipping

Your purchase of Penguin Adventure at this time ensures that you will receive a copy of the game as soon as production is finished. If you order Gradius and Penguin Adventure together, we will ship both games in the same package (and you will save money on shipping). If your address changes before we ship your copy of Penguin Adventure, please use the contact form to inform us of your new address. You can also use this page to ask us any questions before placing your order, or before your order has shipped.

If you order other items from the AtariAge Store at the time you order Gradius and/or Penguin Adventure, the other items in your order will not be shipped until the pre-order game are ready to ship. If you want to order other items from the AtariAge Store at this time and have them shipped without delay, please place a separate order for these items.

Additional Information

Penguin Adventure includes the game cartridge, manual, and beautiful, professionally printed box. A Super Game Module is required in order to enjoy Penguin Adventure (please see above).

Number of Players 1
Category Action
Super Game Module Required
Cartridge Size 2Mbit
Product Code SG2601




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