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Super Game Module
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Super Game Module

Super Game Module

Grab your favorite joystick and warm up the television set! The Super Game Module has finally arrived, shattering the limits of the ColecoVision game console and Coleco ADAM, making perfect arcade conversions a reality. With dramatically enhanced sound quality and over thirty times the memory of an unexpanded system, the Super Game Module shifts the ColecoVision into overdrive, bringing the greatest arcade hits of the 1980s home without a trace of compromise.

The Super Game Module doesn't just bring the real arcade experience to your home! The expansion pack also gives your ColecoVision game system the power to handle a new generation of video games once exclusive to cutting-edge Japanese computers. Prepare yourself for sprawling playfields, fiendish puzzles, and towering boss enemies! Arm your hero with power-up items that give him the strength to handle even the toughest challenge! It's a whole new level of gaming excitement that will change the way you think about the ColecoVision!

It's the 21st century, but with the Super Game Module, your ColecoVision is ready for anything!

Super Game Module

Special Features

  • Expands the ColecoVision RAM memory to 32KB!
  • Doubles the ColecoVision sound capabilities with four additional sound channels
  • Power LED Indicates that the ColecoVision is turned on

Advanced Box Design

The first two runs of the Super Game Module featured a traditional style hardware box, using paperboard for the box and styrofoam inside the box to hold the Super Game Module in place. As with the third run of Super Game Modules last year, and the 4th run of pre-orders that recently shipped, this small run of the Super Game Module includes a new box that matches the style and quality of those used for the games Gradius and Penguin Adventure. The new box design uses a 2.5mm thick cover (similar to a hardcover book), opens like a book (using magnets to keep the box closed), and form-fitting EVA foam to hold the Super Game Module in place. This box design allows you to easily and safely store your Super Game Module when not in use.

Growing Game Library

The Super Game Module has excellent support from ColecoVision game publishers, with over 40 games released to date that include Super Game Module support. Opcode Games, Team Pixelboy, and CollectorVision have all released Super Game Module-compatible games, and you can expect many more in the future!

Tim on 05/29/2018 08:19pm
I got my SGM on the third run. I am truly amazed at what Ed, Grazi and all at Opcode have done for colecovision fanatics. This module is everything it is advertised to be. I would highly recommend the SGM as well as other Opcode products. You will nor be disappointed.
Marcus Foster on 04/18/2018 12:13am
I have wanted this module since i was a kid and saw it announced in a video game magazine in 1982 or 83. I read every article i could find and i waited and waited. I never knew what happened to the wafer drive and soon came the video game crash. Flash forward 30 years and i find that Opcode has produced the module and its in its third run! I had missed out! But this news tidbit brought me back into gaming. I have loved Colecovision since it first launched when my parents bought one at Service Merchandise. Thank you Opcode and Atariage! This brings me such joy! I only have one game as of this review, Rally-X, and it plays just like the arcade. The SGM packaging is outstanding. The owners manual looks exactly like an official Colecovision product. The box itself is of exceptional quality and is the same style of the familiar Colecovision. I am very pleased all around. Atariage is top notch and professional. I will definitely order more games and accessories.
Phil on 08/19/2017 06:49pm
The Super Game module does what it intends. What deserves to be noted is that the quality of box in the 3rd/ 4th runs is of extreme high quality. For instance, the box has a " hard cover book " feel, well composed cover art, a magnetic closure feature and a black poly foam for storage of SGM. OPCODE shows its passion here for putting out a great product.

If you placed an order for one, you will be pleased. They take time to make, so be patient as they are well worth the wait.
Rey on 06/26/2017 01:11pm
For ColecoVision and ADAM owners this is a must have. For the coleco it juices up your console with more memory and better sound. Even though the ADAM has additional memory, there's still great benefit to having the SGM. The upgrade in sound is amazing when games take advantage of this module.

Don't fall for cheap knock offs. This is the REAL deal!

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