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Centipede Trak-Ball - Atari 7800
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Centipede Trak-Ball - Atari 7800
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Homebrew author Ken Siders (b*nQ, Beef Drop) has modified Centipede for the Atari 7800 to support the Atari CX-22 Trak-Ball controller. The original arcade game sports a trak-ball controller, and now you can enjoy Centipede on your Atari 7800 as the original designers intended!

In addition to supporting the CX-22 Trak-Ball, Centipede Trak-Ball will also work with many CX-80 Trak-Ball controllers as many of them operate internally as a CX-22. Two players can share one Trak-Ball for two-player games.

Centipede Trak-Ball

Atari CX-22 Trak-Ball Additional Information

No box or manual is included with Centipede Trak-Ball. Supports NTSC television format.

Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Atari CX-22 Trak-Ball
Cartridge Size 32K
Program Modifications Ken Siders



Reviews (2)

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Reviewer: Steven Ramirez
08/29/2016 09:44pm
Centipede TB is excellent! If you have a single Trak-Ball controller, you can choose from the One Player or Two Player Alternating modes. However, IMHO this game really comes to life with two Trak-Ball controllers, which allow you to choose from Dual Player Competition or Team Play modes.

Dual player competition pits you against your opponent and actually allows you to shoot your opponent. Team Play is a true co-op effort, in which both players combine to attack those pesky centipedes, spiders, fleas and scorpions. This mode aggregates both scores for an overall HS, while also displaying each individual’s score, so you can still claim bragging rights.

The Trak-Ball support is silky smooth and turns an already great game into a must buy. This is one game that truly brings the arcade experience into your home. - Thank you Ken Siders.
Reviewer: Don
07/31/2016 10:25am
If you own a Trak-Ball controller, this is a MUST OWN. The movement is smooth and responsive. With a Trak-Ball, this is, without a doubt, the definitive port of Centipede out there. You can't get any more authentic than this. Buy this now! You won't regret it.
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