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The Story

The Hyperspace Test Ship, "EWS", has malfunctioned. Without any navigational data you have been dropped into a sea of deadly, spinning death. The weapons systems still work, and the hyper drive is able to jump you small distances, but other than that all you have is your skill and quick reactions to keep you alive.

Lurking in the darkness with you are strange, Unidentified Flying Objects. Whoever, or whatever, they are – they appear to want you gone. Previous unfortunate travelers have left behind weapon packs to assist the unfortunate souls who follow in their footsteps.

Strap in, start blasting, and GOOD LUCK!

Rebooteroids Box


Rebooteroids is a new take on an arcade classic for the Atari Jaguar. In development for over six years, Rebooteroids is finally ready to be released! Rebooteroids features 100 unique levels, plus 10 'kombateroids' levels for multiplayer head to head. The game also features a 'skirmish mode' whereby randomly generated levels of increasing difficulty challenge the player.


The EWS is a small, highly maneuverable test ship equipped with a basic rapid-fire cannon. Your test ship is also fitted with a state of the art Hyperspace Engine which, if it was working, would be capable of jumping the craft vast distances. However, due to damage, it currently only has the ability to jump short range, and without a navigation lock you have no way of knowing where you will pop back into normal space.

Use your controller to rotate the EWS left and right, thrust to avoid colliding with objects, and most importantly, fire to blast everything in sight! You can also Hyperspace to a random location to escape imminent destruction, but there's no guarantee you'll reappear free from danger!

Bonus power-ups will be dropped after certain rocks are destroyed. These power-ups will enhance your ship in the following ways: Double Damage, Twin Shot, Range Extended, and Rear Shot.

Every five waves in the Rebooteroids Arcade mode (NOT in Skirmish) you will get a bonus round. Shoot the solid rocks in order and you will get a bonus life. If you hit a normal rock, the round will end without any bonus.

Rebooteroids Screenshot Rebooteroids Screenshot Rebooteroids Screenshot Rebooteroids Screenshot


  • One or two players
  • 100 unique levels!
  • Five gameplay modes (see below)!
  • Supports Jaguar gamepad and rotary controllers
  • Settings and high scores saved to cartridge
  • Share your high scores online with QR code!
  • Features original music by 505 and MSG / reservoir gods.
  • Customize controls for each player
  • Utility menu including Jagtopia, BJL Load, Cheats, and Jukebox

Gameplay Modes

Rebooteroids supports five gameplay modes:

  • ARCADE: The standard Rebooteroids game, featuring 100 pre-designed levels for you to fight through.
  • CO-OP: As above, but Player 1 will control the movement of your ship, while Player 2 controls the shooting via a rotating gun turret fitted atop the ship.
  • SKIRMISH: Random levels of ever-increasing difficulty.
  • SKIRMISH CO-OP: As above, but with Player 1 controlling the movement, while Player 2 controls the shooting.
  • KOMBATEROIDS: A multi-player head-to-head battleground.

Additional Information

Rebooteroids includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a 20-page color manual, and game cartridge. 

BigPep on 12/12/2022 08:42pm
This game is awesome. The quest for the high score is what keeps me coming back. I really dig this game. If you have a Jaguar and you play it. What are you waiting for? Buy this game now! The fun doesn't stop and you get addicted to this game trying to get a higher score.
David Frost on 01/29/2022 01:57pm
Amazing game. I have it in my top 3 Jaguar games of all time. Re-play is very high (think arcade game like) as you try to get to a higher and higher level / score. The learning curve is very good for the first 50 or so levels. Above that I think its a little too hard. However the game is such a pleasure to play that you will still keep wanting to play it. The music and sounds are really good. My kids hear the music and they even like it. Only feature in the game that I wish it had is 2 ship co-op. Rebooteroids works with rotary controller, but I prefer the stock Jaguar controller or the remake Pro Controller. On the stock controller I added two tactile buttons to the bottom of the controller that you hit with the pointer fingers, one I use for thrust and the other for hyperspace, this allows you to hold down b (always firing) and fly around and just press those underneath buttons when needed. Since the game has rapid fire built in there is no need for it. Plenty of options to customize the controls in the game too, turn faster or slower no problem, re-assign action buttons, has that too. If only all games were this good.
RREDDWARFF on 11/04/2019 04:05am
Excellent game. Easily one of my favorites on the Atari Jaguar and it fits in well with other games on the system.
Andrew Rosa on 09/25/2018 03:00am
I'm still new to the Jaguar. I've only had it for a few months now. In that time, I've been fortunate enough to play some of the best games available for the platform. Tempest 2000, Alien vs. Predator, Iron Soldier, Ultra Vortek, Super Burnout, etc.

I'm now adding Rebooteroids to that list. Knowing it's a homebrew, I wasn't expecting much more than a decent conversion of Asteroids. Thankfully, Rebooteroids exceeded those expectations in so many ways it's downright startling.

From the added visual flair with its 80's neon fever dream aesthetic, kick-ass music that deserves its own soundtrack release, to the added power-ups and bonus rounds, this is a beautifully designed game. The presentation is top-notch. This both looks, sounds and feels like a full-fledged commercial release, right on down to its packaging.

When first researching the console, I was sad to see that Asteroids didn't receive the same "2000" treatment as Tempest and Defender. Now, I know better.

To all those involved in the development and publishing, you knocked this one out of the park and set a new bar for my expectation for homebrewed titles. Thank you so much. I'm coming back for Protector very, very soon.
Cale Markley on 07/10/2018 05:36pm
Just received my copy of this game. Wow! The packaging is top notch! Nice touch with the Jaguar sticker on the cartridge wrapper! This game is excellent. Stellar controls and visuals. If you ever played and enjoyed Asteroids this is a must have for the Jag!
Oblivion23 on 09/26/2017 11:34am
Fantastic game that does justice to Asteroids in a way like never before on the Jaguar. 2 player modes are killer, and the challenge really racks up as you go deeper into the game.
LS650 on 12/17/2016 04:41pm
Imagine if Jeff Minter decided that instead of creating Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar, he wanted to make an updated version of Asteroids, complete with particle explosions and awesome sound. That is Rebooteroids.
Great controls, terrific graphics, cool sound effects, and superb music. For fans of old school Asteroids, you couldn't ask for a better updated version.
Presentation (box, manual, label) is excellent, as are the included goodies: an AA fridge magnet and some lapel buttons.
I look forward to many hours of playing this new addition to the Jaguar library. Well done, guys!
Android8675 on 12/14/2016 10:30am
Some people are calling this Tempest 2000 meets Asteroids, and while I'd agree that gameplay has that T2K feel, R3bootEROIDS feels more like Asteroid Arcade than T2K. T2K added power ups, gameplay changes that really make the game feel more "in your face", whereas R2ROIDS(?) feels more like Asteroids with visual enhancements.

Don't get me wrong. The game is REALLY fun to play and worth the asking price for a modern Jaguar game. (Well maybe a bit steep at $80, but I've heard manufacturing costs on Jag carts is crazy).

Some of the features I found cool, QR codes generated to submit your high scores online. If you have a smart phone, just scan the code and your high score gets sent to the R3bootEROIDS site.

Good music. I wouldn't say "Uber techno wow!", but I will say it's a nice upbeat sound that has nice ties to the sounds of the original arcade game (as limited as that soundtrack was, haha).

Controls are solid. I only have a JPad, would love to try a rotary controller, maybe I'll finally find time to build an adapter for my Arcade Tempest spinner.

4 out of 5, can't wait to play more over Christmas.
Machine on 12/12/2016 09:26pm
This is one great game! It fits into the Jaguar lineup so well. It feels right at home next to Tempest 2000 and Defender 2000. It plays extremely well, controls are spot on. Plus, the game is so polished, it will soon be at the top of everyone's Jag list!

The game's high score system is amazing! Just use a QR reader on an IPad(or phone) and your score automatically uploads to the ONLINE high score page. It takes all of 2 seconds to register your scores online. See how you stack up to other players online!

I love the co-op game. Playing games with a friend is what ATARI is all about. Player one drives the ship, while player two shoots!

Love this game. I finally have another Jag game that will push Tempest 2000 for tops in playing time. Yes, it is that good!!!
atariLBC on 12/12/2016 07:44pm
Packaging: Rebooteroids is one of the most professionally produced post-JTS releases out there. Easily on par with Songbird's releases. Very high quality box, cart and full color manual. I opted for the clear cartridge and I'm glad that I did. It looks stunning. We owe AA a debt of gratitude for saving the Jaguar molds.

Gameplay: Rebooteroids is definitely a fun take on the classic Asteroids formula and is very polished. The control is surperb and gameplay is just what you'd expect. The bright colors, clear voices, gamma backgrounds, pixel explosions and pulsating music bring to mind Tempest 2000. Speaking of music, it is simply awesome. In fact, it's so awesome that the game has a juke box option at start-up so you can just listen to the tunes!

Gameplay options abound with arcade, skirmish and co-op modes. The game is also rather fully featured with online high scores (via QR or pass codes), various adjustment settings, rotary controller options and more.

If you like Asteroids-style games, I have little doubt that this will become your preferred way to play. It's up there with Space Rocks as one of the best in this genre. To you Jaguar owners and collectors: Rebooteroids is definitely not one for the shelf!

Thanks to Reboot and AA for a great addition to the Jaguar library!
travistouchdown on 11/27/2016 12:54am
This is quite literally the best version of Asteroids I've ever played, arcade, home console, homebrew, or otherwise. Long in development for the Atari Jaguar, Rebooteroids was worth the wait. With complete polish, this game is the total package. Visuals are excellent, sound effects and music are excellent, and most importantly, control and game play are amazing and incredibly fun. If you are open to the idea of a psychedelic version of Asteroids, in the vein of Tempest 2000, Breakout 2000, Missile Command 3D, and Defender 2000, Look no further, the game is here. I can literally not say enough good things about this game. If you own a Jaguar, get it now. If not, and you are an Asteroids fan, get one and this game, you won't regret it.

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