Protector: Special Edition - Atari Jaguar



Protect Haven-7!

Nobody ever said exploring the universe would be easy. In the next century, mankind has taken its interstellar efforts to new levels of achievement. Probes now speed out of our solar system at unimaginable speeds, and terraforming is being tested on a large planetoid named Haven-7 which now orbits close to Earth.

It turns out that our probes were all too successful -- a swarm of ravenous alien ships have arrived at Earth, and all-out war has resulted. Fortunately, we were not unprepared, but it will be a long and sordid fight. Meanwhile, the poor inhabitants of Haven-7 are left on their own, with only one ship spared for their defense. You are the PROTECTOR of Haven-7!

Protector is a joint development by Bethesda Softworks and Songbird Productions. The game is an incredible, fast-paced, blast-filled bi-directional shooter. Are you ready to protect your territory from the alien swarm? Can you keep those inhabitants safely located on the ground, or will they be mutated into an even deadlier foe? And don't forget to grab those powerups to enhance your ship and purchase even more upgrades at the Galactic Shop.

Protector: SE

Protector: Special Edition

Protector: Special Edition is a new, enhanced version of Protector that is jam-packed with all kinds of goodies to make this top 10 fan favorite even better! New features include an exclusive JagFest 2001 group picture, JagFree CD to enable future Jaguar CD software, new waves, new enemies, new landscapes, gameplay enhancements, and more! This is one Special Edition you won't want to miss.

Protector: SE
Protector: SEProtector: SE

Other features:

  • 40+ waves of heart-stopping action
  • 60 FPS 90+% of the time
  • Over 100 simultaneous active objects
  • Rendered enemies and explosions
  • Digitally sampled audio effects
  • Wide variety of original foes and bosses
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 3 layers of parallax scrolling
  • In-game music
  • Saved game support for each difficulty level

Additional Information

Protector:SE includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a twelve-page manual, and game cartridge.

Joel Ressler on 07/15/2017 06:50pm
This was a pleasant surprise when I bought this game. I didn't have real high expectations because it looked pretty simple in the screen shots. But it's is an amazing update on Defender and plays very well. It's pretty much is a direct descendant of old school Defender with nice sharp graphics, a lot of enemies, and bosses. I like this game much more than Defender 2000 as that game moved too fast, enemies blended into the backgrounds, and you became completely reliant on your AI weapons. In Protector, the enemies really stand out from the backgrounds and while it is by no means a slow game, it moves at a manageable speed. I also found the difficulty to be about right. Definitely a challenge, but beatable. There's two negatives that force me to give it only four stars. The music is pretty bad. Bad as in annoying. Also, I really wish you could go to the weapons shop after being killed. It's very frustrating when you have been doing well, but die two or three times, still have several more lives and a lot of money but you can't replenish your weapons. But overall, still a great game and probably my favorite 2D shooter on the Jaguar.

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