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thumb_1095_2600_Drive_All_thumb.jpgYou are an explorer from the year 2350. Much of the world's rainforests have been logged, leading to the discovery of a large temple constructed by ancient civilizations eons ago. You are among the first to be allowed to explore it.

The entrance to this temple is across a long stone bridge, which you have chosen to drive across. Inside the temple you find a golden idol on a stone pedestal. Although you have been instructed to leave everything you find, your greed gets the better of you and you remove the idol from where it has sat for thousands of years.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake. Bricks fall from the ceiling. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea! You run outside just as the entrance caves in. As you get in your car and drive away, you realize that the bridge's supports have dislodged and it's all collapsing behind you! There's no time to think — just drive!


Your goal is to drive down the bridge while avoiding obstacles. Use the paddle controller to steer your car left and right, moving in between the gaps. As you drive, your score will increase. You lose a life if you collide with an obstacle. The game will end when you lose all your lives or reach 99,999 points. The obstacles are completely random — they will be different each time you play! Additionally, the game speeds up periodically when you accumulate enough points.

Enable Speed Freak Mode if you want an additional challenge! Speed Freak Mode will make the game play at breakneck speed. Enable if you dare!

While driving, you will encounter treasures. Collecting these will grant you 1,500 points, and will add to your treasure count. (You can have up to 5 treasures at once.) Some treasures will grant special powers when collected, such as giving you an extra life, allowing you to pass through obstacles unharmed for a few seconds, or allowing you to jump infinitely for a brief time. Speaking of jumping, at any point it is possible to "burn" a treasure, giving you the energy to jump over an obstacle. Doing this will remove one treasure, so it's best not to jump excessively.

You can use the difficulty switches to make the obstacles further apart or closer together, as well as enabling or disabling moving obstacles.

Drive! Screenshot Drive! Screenshot
Drive! Screenshot Drive! Screenshot

AtariVox Support

If you have an AtariVox or SaveKey plugged into joystick port 2, your high scores in Drive! will be saved. Unique high scores will be recorded for Normal and Speed Freak modes. To clear your high scores, press and hold the Game Select and Game Reset switches together for a short time while the AtariVox/SaveKey is plugged in.

Additional Information

Drive! includes a box, game cartridge, and a full-color, 4-page manual. Drive! is available in NTSC and PAL television formats — please select above. If you do not select an option, you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1
Controller Paddle
Cartridge Size 4K
Code and Design Nick "Lumi" Wilson
Label/Cover Art Corey Kramer

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