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Space Game

While piloting a spacecraft beyond the edge of human-controlled space, you receive word that humanity is under attack. You must seek out the enemy-infected colonies and save the humans by destroying the mutant creatures terrorizing your people. You must do everything in your power to save the human race! Keep your aim true and defeat the Kraal!

The enemies attack in packs and grow more savage as you approach Earth. Between battles, you travel to the next colony. While traveling, you keep mentally sharp as you dodge debris or try to stay within the confines of the wormhole. Each pack of Kraal has a smart bomb escort that explodes when the pack is destroyed. Alien technology in the debris can collide with your spacecraft, causing unpredictable effects. After destroying three waves of Kraal enemies, the Xin overlords send a Mega Mutant, which is much harder to kill and has special abilities.

Space Game


  • 3 Different Game Modes: Easy, Infinite Play, and Save Earth
  • 14 aliens with unique styles of attack
  • 4 Mega Mutants with unique styles of attack
  • Mini-Game between each wave
  • Large variety of Power-Ups
  • AtariVox enhanced
Space Game Screenshot Space Game Screenshot Space Game Screenshot Space Game Screenshot Space Game Screenshot Space Game Screenshot

AtariVox Support

If you have an AtariVox, SaveKey, or compatible device plugged in to the right controller port, your high score for each mode will be saved and displayed on the title screen.

High scores can be cleared by pressing fire and pressing up as the Atari is powered on.

Additional Information

Space Game includes game cartridge and full-color 16-page manual. Available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats--please select above. If you do not select an option, you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Get a Space Game Box!

Space Game BoxSpace Game Box

If you'd like a boxed copy of Space Game, please select "Box Upgrade: Yes" at the top of the page before adding Space Game to your cart. Our boxes are professionally printed and include a box insert to hold your Space Game cartridge in place. We want you to play our games, so we have not sealed or shrinkwrapped the boxes in any way, allowing you easy access to the game cartridge and manual.

These boxes are the same size as boxes Atari produced for their games "back in the day". They look great sitting on a shelf with your other boxed homebrew games, or alongside games from the classic Atari 2600 library. We only have a limited number of boxes for each game, and there is no guarantee they will become available again once our supplies are exhausted. Click on the images to the right to see larger photos of the box.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Code and Design Karl Garrison
Packaging Design Maggie Vogel

Steven Ramirez on 07/17/2021 12:15pm
This is a classic space shooter with highly addictive gameplay. The game incudes 12 Waves, power ups and 4 Bosses. The difficulty ramps up quite nicely, but the game is quite the challenge. Believe me, you won't want to stop playing until you've completed the entire game. Tons of fun in this cart, especially with the ability to save your high score for each skill level. The game includes a variety of enemies and the sprites look great. I like to watch my son play, just to take in the look of the enemies. The title screen, music and accompanying sounds are all well done. The manual is a real treat as it harkens back to the old Atari manuals and even includes sketches of the enemies.
If you're into shooters, this game would make a great addition to your library. If you're into CIBs, I recommend the CIB as the entire package is top notch.
Joe Till on 04/11/2019 12:15am
A truly fun game that has the old Atari "gotta play it one more time" feel! It has the look and feel of the old 2600 shooter games, but with power ups, power downs, and boss levels to make it even better.
Mark Hinds on 02/26/2019 01:00am
Space Game arrived yesterday evening, and I can't stop playing it. Space Game is a vertical scrolling shooter, and a very good one at that.


Save The Earth
Infinite Play
Easy Mode

In Save The Earth and Infinite Play the possible Difficulty Switch combos are as follows: b/b, b/A, A/b, A/A. In Easy Mode the Difficulty Switches are disabled.

In Save The Earth you can earn an extra life at 20,000 points. In Infinite Play and Easy Mode you earn extra lives at 20,000 points, and after that at multiples of 100,000.

The enemies, called Kraals in the game, attack in groups of 3. When the final one in the group is destroyed, it drops what are in essence power-ups or power-downs. Study the manual to see what they look like. You will only have a split-second to decide on if you want to pick them up, or avoid them.

POWER-UPS: Fast Ship, Blast Shield, Double Ship (Galaga style), and Wide Missile.

POWER-DOWNS: Slow Ship, Wide Ship, Jammed Cannon (your cannon only fires 50% of the time), Bad Navigation (reversed control inputs), Power Down.

These Power-ups and Power-downs are only in effect for a short while, but there is a helpful color bar that appears just above your score that acts like a timer. It stars off green, then as the timer approaches the end it turns yellow, and then red.

I only have two nits to pick. The first is that there is no rapid fire, but as this game works just fine with a Sega Genesis Controller that's not such an issue (as it's a very responsive controller). The second nit is that you can't pause the game if you are playing on an unmodified 7800 ProSystem.

I wish too that the cart contained Flash Memory, but you can save your scores if you have an AtariVox or a SaveKey inserted in to controller port 2.

An excellent game. The manual and box are real stunners!

Edit: You can indeed pause a game in progress when playing on an unmodified 7800 ProSystem. Once I discovered this I even tried a little experiment. I paused a game in progress, unplugged the controller from the controller port, then plugged it back in. I hit the fire button and the game continued with no problems.

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