Balloon Trip - Atari 2600



Balloon Trip

You're floating high above the majestic ocean, held aloft by balloons as you gaze your surroundings. But this is no ordinary, leisurely flight! Your goal in Balloon Trip is to collect as many balloons as possible, all the while avoiding electric sparks that will pop your balloons and bring a tragic end to your journey! And if the sparks didn't provide enough danger for you, the water below is also treacherous, full of aggressive fish that will leap into the air to pull you into the murky depths below! So be sure you keep an adequate distance between you and the water, as you don't want to become fish food!

Balloon Trip is a one player game using a joystick plugged into the left controller jack. Pressing the fire button allows you to flap upwards. You'll need to press the button repeatedly in order to ascend. Pressing either left or right on the joystick will allow you to flap towards the respective direction.

Balloon Trip

Along the way, you'll encounter items that will help you, and some that are deadly!

Electric Sparks: The electric sparks are deadly to the touch. Make sure you steer clear of these, or it's game over!

Fish: The fish in the area have an oddly specific diet of people flying across the ocean using balloons. They'll leap out at you if you get too close to the water, so watch out!

Balloons: Collecting balloons scores 30 points. Try to collect a lot of these; if you get enough, you'll trigger a bonus round with tons of balloons!

Bubbles: Collecting bubbles scores you no points. Sounds pretty disappointing, doesn't it? The bubbles do, however, stop the scrolling for a few seconds.

Balloon Trip Screenshot Balloon Trip Screenshot Balloon Trip Screenshot Balloon Trip Screenshot

Additional Information

Balloon Trip includes game cartridge and full-color 8-page manual. Balloon Trip is only available in the NTSC television format.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 4K
Code and Design Bluswimmer
Packaging Design Vladimir Zuñiga

Ken on 08/23/2019 08:28pm
Creative game that the family really enjoyed playing. Like how it is easy to learn but gets progressively harder as you play.

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