Atari Jaguar Pro Controller



Don't overpay for an original Atari Jaguar Pro Controller! Now you can buy a high-quality reproduction of this highly-sought after controller! These are a culmination of a year of testing and design work to reproduce the original Atari Jaguar pro controllers. Functionally they are identical to the original controllers and just as rugged and sturdy as well. You will not be disappointed! The Atari Jaguar Pro Controller features a seven foot long cable.

Atari Jaguar Pro Controller

The Atari Jaguar Pro Controller is similar in appearance to the standard Jaguar controller, but adds three new action buttons (X, Y, and Z) as well as two shoulder buttons (L and R) at the top of the unit. These new buttons are mapped from the existing numeric keypad buttons. The Pro Controller is compatible with all Jaguar games, but some games, such as Primal Rage, were designed with the Pro Controller in mind. However, some games that were created before the Pro Controller arrived can still take advantage of the new keys if they used the numeric keypad.

Atari Jaguar Pro Controller

Games with Pro Controller Support

Editorb on 12/22/2020 05:47pm
These controllers are great and the extra buttons mapped to keypad make many games easier to play. I love that a reproduction controller is available, so I don't want to be harsh in dinging my rating by a star: The fit and finish are fine to the eye, but they are lighter than original Jag controllers (I've never played an original Pro Controller) and you can hear/feel a bit of scrunching noises if you have a tendency to play like a maniac like a certain gamer I know very well *cough*

(Mayhap I should note this anecdote: My friend built an arcade cabinet, but we couldn't play Tron on it because he didn't have a stick with trigger. The controls were modular, so he disassembled a trigger stick, bolted it to panel, and popped it on. It lasted one vertical move on lightcycles, disintegrating in my hands.)
DocHix on 06/05/2019 03:52pm
I've never once been able to find an Atari Jaguar Pro-Controller in the wild but I've always wanted one to make the tight turns a little easier on "Atari Karts". I've had this new pro controller for three weeks and I'm absolutely satisfied. Build quality is excellent, buttons/d-pad/bumpers are responsive, and game play on supported titles is greatly improved. I'm very appreciative to the makers of this controller.well done!
Randy Femrite on 02/06/2019 11:27am
Originally bought two of these, but soon after receiving them bought two more. Even when not using the extra buttons the controller just FEELS better. Really does breathe new life into an old game:)
LS650 on 01/13/2019 07:39pm
I bought two of these repro Procontrollers. They work amazingly well! D-pad, red buttons, shoulder buttons are all very tight and responsive. I used to own an original Procontroller years ago and sold it because I couldn't really justify owning just one controller worth hundreds of dollars! . but these really do feel and act like the factory originals. The build quality seems to be decent, so I expect these to last for years to come.

If you are on the fence and considering a purchase, I can highly recommend these. I know that the price plus shipping can seem like a lot of money, but each controller is less than the cost of an average homebrew cartridge. These really do breath new life into an old system!

I find the new controller works so well I have to give it a 5/5 as a homebrew release. Excellent job!

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