Last Strike - Atari Jaguar



Prepare for the Last Strike!

As you approach the planet, returning from a distant patrol mission, you hear the distress calls coming in over multiple frequencies. Shouts of anger and disbelief, followed by screams abruptly cut to silence. You see smoke rising from several of the larger cities. Strange, alien craft linger menacingly over the surface. Heading closer to the ground, you can see scattered remains of the defense force. Battered and bruised, they still hang in there protecting the few survivors as long as they can.

The secure channel squarks into life...

"Commander! Thank goodness you are still alive! There are no more fighters left!"

Tightening your harness, you accelerate down into the chaos.

This is it.
The last hope.
The last chance.


Last Strike is a fun shooter with both horizontal and vertical scrolling levels. You must defeat the enemies you encounter while traversing each level, rescuing any stranded humans you encounter along the way. And you'll want to rescue the humans, as you earn credits that you can later use in the shop to upgrade your ship! Some of the upgrades include the Megabomb, Twin Shot, Rear Shot, Shield, Extra Life, and Speedup. At the end of each level, you'll encounter an enemy boss that you must destroy in order to proceed to the next level!

You have two types of primary weapons you can use to dispatch enemy craft: Salvos fired horizontally using the "B" button and Bombs that you drop with the "C" button. You can also fire a Smart Bomb using the "A" button, but you'll want to use these sparingly!

Last Strike Box

Map Mode

Last Strike has three modes of play:

  • LS: Normal - This is the regular game mode when you have to fight through the levels rescuing survivors and killing all else. The goal is to reach the end of level 5 with as many people rescued along the way as possible.
  • LS: Expert - As above, but with everything cranked up a notch for seasoned players.
  • Classic - This will let you play a classic style side-scrolling shoot em up, which will be familiar to most players. The goal is to get to the end of the map and destroy the enemy base.

Game Features

  • Featuring Normal and Expert modes
  • Over 30 Minutes of Music
  • Multiple Weapon Powerups
  • Five Unique Enemy Bosses
  • Upgrade Your Ship in the Shop
  • Autofire Mode
  • Online Highscores via QR Codes


Last Strike Screenshot Last Strike Screenshot Last Strike Screenshot Last Strike Screenshot Last Strike Screenshot Last Strike Screenshot

Last Strike Cover Art Timeline Video!

Artist William Thorup, who has created cover artwork and manuals for several of our Atari Jaguar releases (Last Strike, reBOOTed, and Jeff Minter Classics), has published a time lapse video showing the genesis of the stunning artwork he painted for Last Strike. This video is a must watch if you want a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating original artwork for these games!

Soundtrack CD Included!

Last Strike includes a soundtrack CD so you can listen to your favorite Last Strike tracks anywhere! The soundtrack CD contains eight tracks composed by h0ffman and MsG (RG), is glass mastered and professionally produced, and enclosed in a thin CD jewel case.

Last Strike Soundtrack CD

Additional Information

Last Strike includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a full-color manual, game cartridge, and soundtrack CD.

Corey Dudley on 05/01/2022 07:21am
Originally I was wanting this to be a true "shmup", but decided to check it out anyway. Glad I did as its an awesome upgrade bringing "scramble" and "super cobra" up to date and mixing in other original elements like shmup bosses and the challenging vertical stages. The music is also great, so hook it up to a decent sound system. The only problem, the title "Last Strike", I would buy a sequel for sure, "Last Strike 2" doesn't sound to great.
Bruce Clarke on 04/21/2022 05:05pm
Beautiful production values, great presentation, lovely graphics and artwork, etc.
I'm going to be honest: I find this game is very hard. too hard. I've played other Reboot games and found them very enjoyable and just the right balance. However, I find Last Strike just brutal, and not in a good way. I start a game, I'm killed off a minute later. I start another game, you guessed it - game over in a minute.
When I first got it, I tried it out for 90 minutes, dying over and over. I put it aside, and tried it again a week later. Same story.
I guess I don't have the skillset for this particular game, but I don't enjoy being slaughtered repeatedly.
Maybe I'll return to it again someday and have better luck.
Ian cook on 11/01/2021 03:31am
The Reboot team have really turned it up a gear with Last Strike, this is a fully professional release that uses the full potential of the Atari Jaguar. Visually stunning and incredible audio to match, the gameplay is super fun and original. The box artwork is beautiful and looks great next to my classic Jaguar collection, the soundtrack CD is a very nice touch too. A must have for all Jaguar owners!
Mike Glotch on 07/14/2021 03:17am
You can tell right out the gate that there was a good amount of work done here. Visually a very great game and music is catchy. Gameplay is hard but it keeps you wanting to keep trying to get a bit further, tough to put the controller down! Great job to those involved in the making, mission success!
Kal on 05/01/2021 03:24am
Well what can I say? Been playing it Iver a week now and it's already on my fav games for the system list. Beautiful to look at, easy to get to grips with but very challenging.
I am obsessed with beating my high score and as you play you learn different ways to up it as progress.
The options menu helps out a lot- add auto fire right away unless you want carpal tunnel.
The music is brilliant as well.
Along with Rebooterioids, this is hands down the best game on the store for the Jag.
Love it!

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