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Deep in the Catacomb

Deepstone Catacomb

Far below the surface, the evil Dark Lord Kram, his army of Undead Soldiers, and three ferocious Dragons guard an unimaginable lot of treasure. They stood undisturbed for a millennia until the band of ten foolish Thieves attempted to pillage the depths below. They did not make it far however. Only one was able to escape alive.

In anger, Kram attacked the Kingdom of Traidon.

He recklessly set flame to everything in his path, kidnapped Princess Robyn and caged her twenty-six floors down into the very dark underworld of the Catacomb.

The Princess is now in great danger. Her only hope is someone skilled enough to come to her rescue.

This is your chance to prove yourself. You must do what it takes to defeat the Dark Lord!

Deepstone Catacomb

How to Play

When the game begins, your Lives are on the bottom left and your Health Bar is on the bottom right of the screen. You control the Warrior of the Realm, so take the Sword that was left by one of the fallen Thieves. Your goal is to explore the entire floor, clear the many rooms and corridors of enemies and collect the items left behind.

Once found, stand on the ladder to enter the next floor. The current floor number will be displayed in place of your Score at the start of each level. You cannot go back to the previous floor, so make sure you have explored all areas before climbing down the ladder.

You must defeat the three Dragons and the Dark Lord before you will be able to rescue Princess Robyn!

Gameplay Video


Deepstone Catacomb Screenshot Deepstone Catacomb Screenshot Deepstone Catacomb Screenshot Deepstone Catacomb Screenshot


  • 26 Randomly Generated Dungeon Floors on Game 1 (Easy) and Game 2 (Hard), Unlimited Floors on Game 3 (Hard)
  • Left Difficulty Switch b = Beginner Speed
  • Left Difficulty Switch a = Advanced Speed
  • Several different types of Monsters, each with unique behaviors
  • Once you clear a room, those monsters will never respawn!
  • 3 Mid Bosses
  • 4 End Bosses, each larger and more deadly than the last
  • Floors of Treasure Rewards for defeating the Dragons
  • Use the BW/Color game switch to turn off repetitive sound effects

MelodyAdditional Information

Deepstone Catacomb is a Melody-enhanced game and includes game cartridge, full-color 12-page manual, professionally printed box, and double-sided, full-color game flyer.

Available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats--please select above. If you do not select an option, you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K Melody
Graphics, Code and Design Mick Muze
Sound Effects Driver Darrell Spice, Jr.
Packaging Illustration and Design Mick Muze
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