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TV Type:  NTSC        PAL60      

Venture Reloaded

Winky is deep inside a dungeon laden with incredible treasures, and guarded by terrible monsters. Equipped with his trusty bow and arrow, he fights the monsters and grabs the loot. Guide Winky through the dungeon chambers… but don’t stop to count the plunder or you’ll be through!

Venture Reloaded

How to Play

To capture treasure, move Winky into any of the chambers. Each chamber contains treasure and hazards. Most chambers are full of dangerous monsters. The Wall Room has no monsters, but has lethal electrified walls instead! Once Winky is inside a chamber, he can shoot arrows at monsters to defend himself.

When entering a room the first time, Winky scores points for monster kills before and after getting the treasure. However, if Winky exits and re-enters a room, there are no points awarded in that room for monster kills until after the treasure is picked up. But be careful; if Winky even touches a monster, living or dead, he will be eliminated.

When you have grabbed the treasure from every chamber, Winky descends to a new dungeon — and the action gets even harder! Keep playing until you collect all of the treasures or run out of Winkies.

Gameplay Video


Venture Reloaded Screenshot Venture Reloaded Screenshot Venture Reloaded Screenshot Venture Reloaded Screenshot Venture Reloaded Screenshot Venture Reloaded Screenshot


Venture Reloaded has many improvements over the original Venture game for the Atari 2600, including:

  • Treasure screen added.
  • Third dungeon added (original had two dungeons).
  • All 36 treasures (original had eight treasures).
  • Rooms become solid-filled on the dungeon screen when completed.
  • Rooms will expand/shrink on enter/exit. (Special note: This is the only home port of VENTURE to do this!)
  • Music is all brand new, with multiple tunes.
  • Monsters are now animated.
  • All Monster graphics, all treasure graphics, and some room graphics are new.
  • Room name, level number, bonus multiplier, score, and lives are all alternately displayed in-game.
  • Speed of gameplay improved (original was slow!)
  • Winky will move up/down walls when entering them from an angle (original would cause Winky to become stuck).
  • Screen flashes red when Winky dies.
  • Hallmonsters enter chambers at a random corner (original just used upper-left corner).
  • Wall room speed increases with levels.
  • Spider Room Special Event – Gather the treasure and two white spiders appear!
  • Cyclops Room Special Event – One random Cyclops will teleport out of harms way. Eventually that cyclops will run out of teleports and can be killed.
  • Numerous bug fixes from original game, major code replacement and re-writes, and tweaks, tweaks, tweaks...

AtariVox Support

If you have an AtariVox or SaveKey plugged into the right controller port, Venture Reloaded will automatically save your high score and reload it when playing the game later.

Additional Information

Venture Reloaded includes game cartridge, full-color 12-page manual, and professionally printed box. Venture Reloaded is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats. Please specify above when ordering or you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K + SARA RAM
Programming Jeff Johnson
Packaging Design and Artwork Nathan Strum
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