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Adventure II XE

Adventure II XE

You’ve heard the stories from long ago. Stories of a brave adventurer, who slayed dragons and searched dangerous mazes to return the Golden Chalice from the forces of evil. At night, your dreams are filled with such adventure! You have dreamt of exploring the frosty paths of the Ice Kingdom, outwitting the Green Kingdom’s patrolling Minotaur, and being the first to cross the frightening dead forest to enter into the Dark Kingdom’s fiery castle.

But now, the Chalice has been stolen again. Your sword and keys are missing, scattered about a countryside which is populated by fantastic and dangerous creatures. Use your wits and skills to explore, survive, and return the Golden Chalice to the Seashore Castle!

Adventure II XE

How to Play

Adventure II is a one-player game. Use the Joystick to move your character around the screens. The goal is to search the mazes to find the Golden Chalice and return it inside the Seashore Kingdom’s Castle. Along the way you’ll need to find Keys to unlock castle gates and use the Sword to defend yourself from dragons. The Magnet and Bridge can help you reach items.

Avoid all creatures if possible! Dragons will bite you and eventually swallow you whole! You can press the R key or the SELECT button to Revive yourself at the nearest checkpoint at any time; whether you are eaten, stuck or just hopelessly lost. But, you can’t bring a carried item with you when you Revive.

When you’ve successfully returned the Chalice (or quit out of a game), you’ll get a Ranking! There are 16 Rankings in total – how many can you find?

Gameplay Video

Game Options

You can select from a variety of options on the Adventure II XE title screen before you embark on your adventure!

  • Select Game: Pick from small, medium and vast game variations 1 through 22.
  • Randomness: Choose from Normal and Very Random.
  • Mode: Pick from Normal or Dark.
  • Icon: The game defaults to the heroic Sir Square, but you can pick alternate character icons.

You can find detailed information about these options in the Adventure II XE manual included with the game.

Changes from Atari 5200 Version

The Atari 5200 version of Adventure II was released way back in 2007! Developer Ron Lloyd has made numerous changes and improvements for Adventure II XE. The following list summarizes some of the major changes, but this is not by any means comprehensive:

  • Two greatly expanded randomness settings for more varied hiding places of helpful items and the three secret Bat Eggs ("Dots").
  • New sounds!
  • All-new end-of-game stats and rankings!
  • New XEGS joystick-compatible "one-button" control, and joystick-driven Title Screen options.
  • Tweaked screens, paths, bridge-building, and creature behavior!
  • Play as Sir Square or as alternate icon characters, each with their own special abilities!
  • New dark mode gameplay.

Don't be surprised if you find other changes while playing!


Adventure II XE Screenshot Adventure II XE Screenshot Adventure II XE Screenshot Adventure II XE Screenshot Adventure II XE Screenshot Adventure II XE Screenshot

Choose Cartridge Style

You can purchase Adventure II XE in one of two cartridge styles: a translucent charcoal color or an opaque light gray color. Both are pictured below. You can choose which style you prefer at the top of the page. There is no price difference between the two styles. If you do not make a selection, you will receive the translucent charcoal cartridge shell by default.

Adventure II XE Cartridge Styles

Additional Information

Adventure II XE includes game cartridge, full-color 16-page manual, and professionally printed box.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 64K
Design and Programming Ron Lloyd
Pixel Art and Design Keith Erickson
Box, Manual, Label Art and Design David Exton
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