Equivocator Demo - Atari 2600



Equivocator is an examination of the progression that closed systems make from initial conditions. It consists of two inter-related zero player games:

  1. The "little men run around and make algorithmic noise" game
  2. A 5x8 cell implementation of Conway's Game of Life

If left to itself long enough, the Conway's Game of Life will reach stasis, and you will have heard every sound effect from every Atari game ever.


Other Notes

The X and Y coordinates of the green man determine the pitch of the two oscillators. X and Y coordinates of the blue man determine the timbre of the two oscillators.

The initial Conway's Game of Life distribution of cells is derived from the length of time it takes the user to hit "reset" at the beginning of the game. Subsequent runs of Conway's Game of Life are derived from the current X and Y coordinates of the two little men.

"Random" directions that the little men run are calculated from the number of "live" cells in the current Game of Life.

Difficulty Switch Settings

  • Left: B, Right: B - The little men do not interact with the Conway's Game of Life playfield.
  • Left: A, Right: B - The little men can bounce off the Conway's Game of Life cells or get trapped inside them.
  • Left: A, Right: A - The little men can bounce off the Conway's Game of Life cells or get "spit out" if they get trapped inside the cells.


Equivocator Screenshot Equivocator Screenshot

Additional Information

Equivocator includes cartridge only, no manual or box is included. Equivocator supports the NTSC television format.

Cartridge Size 16K
Programming Colbeck Labs
K.J. Paloucek on 03/22/2021 12:30am
I bought a new console almost entirely so I could play this release. Incredible. Sucks you in with nostalgic familiarity, but blows you away with how fresh and new it really is. Noise artists in 2021 should be striving for ingenuity and originality of this caliber. Dan of Earth sets the bar exceedingly high.
S.H. Kingston on 01/09/2021 06:19pm
Amazing cart; excellent tones and sound palette. Can't wait for the 7800 and Lynx ports!
Brandon Wald on 01/09/2021 06:17pm
A frenetic frenzy of chiptune noise belts out as figures dance across the screen in psychedelic bliss. An experimental wonderland on one of the greatest video game consoles of all time.
Peter Woods on 01/09/2021 04:51pm
This is one of the best noise albums I have ever heard.

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