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Super Combo is a multi-console controller designed for the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, and ColecoVision, as well as the Adam computer, Atari 8-bit computers, and the Commodore 64. It's built around a Sanwa™ JLF-TP-8YT ball-top joystick with an octagonal restrictor plate and four pair of Suzo-Happ pushbuttons for an authentic ambidextrous arcade experience.

Super Combo Arcade Controller

Use your keypad overlays for an authentic ColecoVision experience thanks to the custom 3D printed keypad frame. Simply slide them under the frame from the right edge, just like on the original ColecoVision and Adam controllers.

Super Combo Arcade Controller

Super Combo transforms gameplay on all the great Atari and ColecoVision joystick games. The octagonal restrictor plate is the perfect compromise between a 4-way and 8-way joystick, providing distinct landing points for your stick in all eight directions. The Suzo-Happ arcade pushbuttons deliver true fire button control just like the arcade.

Super Combo Arcade Controller

Original hardware = maximum compatibility. Under the hood, the Super Combo duplicates original hardware used in Atari CX-24 (7800) and ColecoVision Super Action controllers, so game compatibility is the highest possible. Simply plug the included DB9 extension cord into the output port for the console you wish to play, and set the toggle switch so its pointing toward the same port.

Super Combo Arcade Controller

Easy to Play. The Super Combo is built in an 8" x 14" sloped aluminum housing that is stable on the table or happy in your lap, with the joystick and classic arcade fire buttons positioned for a natural wrist position. The ambidextrous button layout allows you to switch to the most comfortable control scheme that each game requires. All wiring harness connections are soldered and heat-shrink wrapped. The result is a controller to last a lifetime. The molded DB-9 cord length is approximately 5'6" (1.6m).

Super Combo Arcade Controller

Your wish is our command! Customize your Super Combo with rainbow of colors for your joystick ball and pushbuttons, including the amazing gemstone balls in red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and "smoke". Refer to the image below to clarify which button is which, then use the pull-down menus to make your color selections

Super Combo Control Panel
Super Combo Knobb Options
Super Combo Button Options


Edladdin controllers are built to order and take approximately 3-4 weeks to ship. Sometimes we can get them out sooner, but there are various factors that can affect the time it takes to complete controllers. You will receive an email from the store with the tracking number as soon as your order has shipped.

Shipping rates for the Super Combo controller vary depending on the country we're shipping to:

  • United States: $31.00 (Shipped via UPS or USPS)
  • North America (outside US) and Europe: $65.00 (Shipped via USPS Priority Mail International)
  • Asia and Australia: $100.00 (Shipped via USPS Priority Mail International)

Please select the correct shipping option at the top of the page. Your Super Combo Arcade Controller will be shipped separately from the rest of your order.

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fiddlepaddle on 06/22/2022 07:50pm
I've had my eye on an Edladdin controller for several years, and was recently, finally able to pull the trigger in the budget department. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Super Combo Arcade Controller available with ambidextrous control, plus it allows playing a 7800/2600 as well. I also ordered a couple of extra DB9 extension cords.

I had it in my hands about three weeks after ordering. Very professionally packed and shipped. It's working great and I've had loads of fun playing Q*bert, Frenzy, Lady Bug, Cosmic Avenger and several other games that always seemed to be a bit frustrating with the standard controllers. Scores are higher and many fewer mistakes with the joystick. It's also great being able to press two fire buttons side by side rather than the cumbersome standard arrangement. Playing Mouse Trap is a real pleasure, and I must say it's the first time I actually enjoyed playing Defender on the Colecovision. Most importantly, Pepper II and Steamroller, my two favorite games on the system, are fantastic.

At first, I had trouble getting the buttons to work in Colecovision mode (there's a switch on the back that switches between Colecovision mode and 7800/2600 mode) and in debugging my problem, noticed that most of the DB9 extension cords I received had been slightly modified by slicing about 1/16 inch off the end of the male connector (slightly extending the conductors), so that these fit a little bit deeper into the female connectors on the back of the controller. One of the DB9 extension cords I received had not been modified and apparently the buttons were not connecting electrically. Once I figured this out, rather than return the cord for replacement, I just used my trusty rotary tool to fix the issue and it works fine now.

My next task was to test out the 7800 side. Some of those 7800 games are far superior with this controller, including Xevious, Desert Falcon, and Asteroids. And my favorite 2600 games play much better also, including Jr Pac-man, Turmoil, River Raid, Moon Patrol, Berzerk, and Galaxian.

One thing I noticed is you can't keep the controller connected to both the 7800 and Colecovision at the same time. Even when the 7800 is turned off and unconnected to the TV or power outlet, the joystick does not work correctly on the Colecovision unless you physically disconnect the cord to the 7800, regardless of the position of the Colecovision/7800 switch on the back of the controller. Interestingly, however, it DOES work in 7800 mode with both consoles connected.

I also included a couple of Seagull 78 Controller Adapters and have tested these with various Genesis game pads and they've all worked flawlessly. I'm particularly interested in an auto-fire function provided by some game pads and joysticks. This is one feature that might be nice to include in a future Edladdin controller.

To summarize; I've been playing every day now for a couple of weeks and I'm really happy with the Super Combo Arcade Controller. Highly recommended!

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