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Mr. Yo-Yo

It should’ve been a good day for Mr. Yo-Yo. After spending years living in that dusty old toy box, Mr. Yo-Yo finally was able to move out and find a place of his own! He found a nice little townhouse on the outskirts of the Land Of Aitkay – just far enough from the downtown area so that it’s nice and quiet, yet not so close to the farms so that he could smell the cows. It all seemed perfect.

So happy was he about his move that he decided to throw himself a housewarming party. He invited over all his musical friends, the Notelies. You know, the tiny little musical note guys that are responsible for all the music in the world. Mr. Yo-Yo and the Notelies were having quite a party in his yard, when the most terrible thing happened – they ran out of onion dip!

“No problem!” said Mr. Yo-Yo, “You Notelies stay here, while I go get some more!” And Mr. Yo-Yo rolled off down to the corner convenience store. He picked up some dip, and while he was there, he figured he’d load up on beverages as well. But as he rolled back to his new townhouse, something seemed wrong.

It was too quiet.

On his way out, he could hear the Notelies’ music from a few blocks away. But now, on his way back, he couldn’t hear a thing. Surely, the lack of onion dip wouldn’t cause the Notelies to go silent! Something must be wrong!

His Notely friends were nowhere to be seen! He found a note pinned to his front door, it read: “Hey you! Keep it down, will ya! Your party is far too loud! We tried calling the HOA, but it’s a Saturday night and no one’s answering, so we decided to abduct all your Notely friends. If you want them back, you’ll find them at the bottom of the Caves of Blah. Sincerely, The Monsters From The Caves of Blah. P.S., Welcome to the Neighborhood! I’m sure you’ll love it here! We’ve been here 5 years, and it’s just the best!”

Mr. Yo-Yo knew what he had to do! First, put the dip and the drinks in the fridge so they wouldn’t spoil. After all, he just went through all the trouble of going to the store to get some, it would be a real shame to let them sit on the counter and go bad. Then of course, he’d have to use the map app on his phone to find where the heck the Caves of Blah are. Then probably stop off and get some gas in his car on the way over, but then, he would go rescue the Notelies!

Mr. Yo-Yo Cart and Manual

How to Play

You control Mr. Yo-Yo. You are given five lives at the start of the game – one in play, and another four in reserve. The object of the game is to descend to the bottom of the cave, and rescue the Notelies by returning them to the top of the cave. When a Notely is ready to be rescued, he will appear in the little bucket area at the bottom of the cave. To pick up the Notely, descend to the bottom of your string. Mr. Yo-Yo will begin flashing various colors to indicate you’ve picked up a Notely. Then, return to the top of the screen to release the Notely to freedom! Mr. Yo-Yo will then return to his normal color, and you can get ready to rescue the next Notely. Sometimes, you may have to shoot some enemies to get the Notelies to appear. The further you get into a level of caves, the more timid the Notelies become. You’ll have to shoot more and more enemies for them to have enough courage to appear.

There are five different types of creatures inside the caves (Blobs, Flappers, Bouncers, Stunners, and Snippers). If Mr. Yo-Yo comes in contact with any of them, he’ll lose a life. Some of these creatures may also interact with Mr. Yo-Yo’s string in various ways. So be sure to keep an eye out above you if you’re spending a lot of time at the bottom of one of the caves!

You'll find various objects in the caves that can help you out. Coins, which you can collect or shoot. Power Pods, which you can also collect or shoot, but it's better to collect them (just as with the coins). However, shooting a Power Pod will clear the screen of enemies! Bonus Targets fly around in Bonus Caves -- shooting ten of them will cause the Bonus Gem to appear. Collect the Bonus Gem and bring it to the top of the cave before the time expires for a large point bonus and extra life!

The game ends when you have lost all your lives.


Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot Mr. Yo-Yo Screenshot


  • Three game variations (One Player, Two Players Versus, and Two Player Co-Op)
  • Select starting level (1-9)
  • Adjust speed of enemies for each player using Difficulty Switches
  • Use COLOR/BW switch to pause game
  • Nine levels of difficulty
  • Each level consists of a series of three caves, followed by a Bonus Cave
  • Five different enemies to contend with!
  • Coins, Power Pods, and Bonus Gems to collect!

Get a Mr. Yo-Yo Box!

If you'd like a boxed copy of Mr. Yo-Yo, please select "Box Upgrade: Yes" at the top of the page before adding Mr. Yo-Yo to your cart. Our boxes are professionally printed and include a box insert to hold your Mr. Yo-Yo cartridge in place. We want you to play our games, so we have not sealed or shrinkwrapped the boxes in any way, allowing you easy access to the game cartridge and manual.

These boxes are the same size as boxes Atari produced for their games "back in the day". They look great sitting on a shelf with your other boxed homebrew games, or alongside games from the classic Atari 2600 library. We only have a limited number of boxes for each game, and there is no guarantee they will become available again once our supplies are exhausted.

Mr. Yo-Yo Box

Additional Information

Included with Mr. Yo-Yo is the game cartridge and full-color manual. You can optionally purchase a professionally printed box (see above). Mr. Yo-Yo is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats. Please specify above when ordering or you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default

Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 8K
Design and Programming Dave Marli
Manual Text Dave Marli
Cover and Additional Artwork John Calcano (Atariboy2600)
Label, Manual, and Box Layout Tony Morse
Tony Morse on 11/27/2023 03:05pm
Mr. Yo Yo is a wonderfully unique game both in concept and in execution. Mastering the unusual control scheme is not enough; players must be able to distinguish fast moving objects, judge speeds and distances, and above all keep their cool. Games are quick but satisfying like the best quarter munchers from the arcade era.

It's been said before, but this game is a great example of easy to learn, hard to master. And it certainly makes me want to keep trying.
Jason Herbert on 12/30/2022 07:38am
This is a fabulous game. The concept is simple, but the twists in the control method and the impact of different types of enemies give it a depth that many "pick up and play" games don't have.

The gameplay is very much the definition of "easy to play but hard to master". This makes it easy to get into, and also very addictive as you always want to get that little bit further into the game.

If you want an arcarde style game with a bit of a twist, you'll be very happy with this.

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