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This a PRE-ORDER for Dragon's Descent. Once all the printed materials (boxes, manuals, labels, etc.) are in our hands, we will immediately begin shipping orders in the order they were placed. Right now we're looking at the end of February as a reasonable estimate. Updates will be posted in the AtariAge Forum (This message will be updated with a link once the thread has been created).

Dragon's Descent

In a time forgotten by all save the oldest of wyrms, a cruel dragon by the name of Molobros achieved heights of greed reviled even by his avaricious kin. Gemstones in particular were prized by him, second only to the power he hoarded and the lives he consumed. His enemies did not defeat him by strength in battle, but ensnared him in a trap built to imprison a god: the Labyrinth.

When unleashed, the Labyrinth surrounded this greatest of dragons, feeding on the boundless hate and ambition of Molobros. Corridors and chambers acted as chains, and grew like wicks of flame even as he tried to escape. ThThe maze encompassed and fused with the dragon s body, then his treasure, then his mind and wicked dreams. ThThe dragon s treasure scattered throughout the twisting passages, and his power seeped into the very walls. Monsters appeared within, extensions of his bound wrath. Molobros could not escape, but the Labyrinth still posed a danger to the wary and a lure to the greedy.

In the ages since, the Labyrinth has served as a prison and a prize. Tales tell of the dead and enslaved guarding the interior, and despite this you will join the many who still brave the mazes within in search of power, or wealth, or freedom...or Molobros himself.

Dragon's Descent Box


To make progress in the maze, find the key on each level and then the level's exit. The exit, a door with a blinking key imprint, will only activate if you touch it while you have the key located on the same level. Upon each new level you will face more dangers but also potentially increased power and scoring!

Avoid touching walls and enemies - doing so will deplete your hit points, and eventually terminate your game! Increase your score by collecting gems and defeating monsters. You receive more points for defeating monsters in deeper levels, and a slightly higher score for each shot you use with higher fire breath power.

In addition to a key and exit, each level of the Labyrinth has a treasure room. These allow you to pick one of three power ups, just wait until you see the one you want and touch it to collect.

How deep into the labyrinth do you dare explore? Can you reach Molobros and defeat him? Good luck!


Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot Dragon's Descent Screenshot


  • Thousands of possible levels to explore!
  • Fight eight types of enemies!
  • Three different bosses!
  • Choose how you grow in power as you collect treasure!
  • Random maze mode, explore a new maze each game, or come back to your favorites!
  • Infinite maze mode, explore until you run out of health or you complete level 7!
  • Hard mode, be very careful exploring...even the walls are deadly!
  • Music can be toggled on/off.

Additional Information

Included with Dragon's Descent is the game cartridge, full-color 16-page manual, and professionally printed box.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 48K
Programming and Design Todd Furmanski
Artwork and Layout Benedikt Scheffer
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