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Dr. Typo Collection

The memorable homebrew releases of the talented Dr. Typo are all brought together in one unforgettable collection. Tube zooming, gem collecting, space destruction, with voxel search and rescue. Included in this collection are the games Tube SE, Tube 2020, Fallen Angels, Gem Race, and Rings. The Dr. Typo Collection takes arcade racing to a whole new level on the Atari Jaguar.

Dr. Typo Collection

Dr. Typo Collection Box

When you fire up Dr. Typo Collection, you'll be presented with a colorful menu that lets you easily select which game to play:

Dr. Typo Collection Menu Dr. Typo Collection Menu Dr. Typo Collection Menu Dr. Typo Collection Menu Dr. Typo Collection Menu Dr. Typo Collection Menu

You can learn more about each of the games in this collection below:


Tube SE Tube SE

Tube SE

You're driving some kind of ship and must make your way inside a tube as fast as you can. There is indeed a horde of zombies after you and you have to escape them. You never see them in the game, but belive me, they are right behind you!

Your goal is to reach the end of each track as quickly as possible. This isn't as simple as just going forward, though. There will be obstacles to slow down or stop your ship. There are also aids to temporarily increase your ship's speed or help you avoid obstacles. Some obstacles will destroy your ship and cause you to restart slightly behind the location where your ship was destroyed. Your ship can be destroyed an unlimited number of times.

Tracks 10 to 18 are locked. You can unlock them by completing a "challenge" track. A "challenge" track has its default time much lower than 99 minutes. When you complete a "challenge" track, you receive an unlock code. You can enter the unlock code in the main screen by pressing up or down, then input the code using the numeric keypad.


Tube 2020 Tube 2020

Tube 2020

Returning to the tube never felt so... 3D. Fly through multiple tubular tracks as fast as possible, without colliding with walls, while also hitting every boost. The clock is running!

Your goal is to reach the end of each track as quickly as possible in order to get the best time. Going forward isn't as simple as you would think, though!

There are three track tiles that affect your speed. Green Tiles will make you accelerate beyond your normal speed. These only work when you are not holding A (accelerate) down. Be sure to let go of the A button if you want an extra boost of speed. Red tiles force you to slow down. Make sure you have enough speed when passing these tiles. If you don't have enough speed to get past these red tiles, then the level will end. Yellow tiles are simple. These tiles represent the end of the track.


Fallen AngelsFallen Angels

Fallen Angels

War has ravaged the outer worlds, and many of your bothers and sisters have fallen victim to a race of ugly aliens. Lost and vulnerable on these foreign worlds, these fallen angels call out for rescue. No volunteers take on the dangerous task of saving these soldiers, except you.

Your mothership now orbits the first world filled with distress signals. Strapped into your rescue fighter, engines humming, and approval to launch, it's time to enter the unknown and save those who cannot save themselves.

The goal of the game is to rescue all the pilots on any given planet. You must rescue a quota of 10 pilots in regular missions. There are fewer pilots to rescue in the first missions.

The rescue a pilot, you will need to locate their ship using the radar, indicated by a green dot on the radar. You will need to land near the fallen ship and rescue the pilot by first disabling your shields and then opening the airlock after the pilot knocks on the door. Once the pilot enters your ship, your shields will automatically reactivate and you can take off and search for other fallen pilots to rescue.

While searching for pilots, turrets will shoot at you if you're within their range, and drones will fly towards your ship and explode. You can destroy them with your plasma gun by pressing B. Your scanner indicates if a turret has a lock on you, and your radar marks both turrets and drones with a red dot.

Once your rescue quota has been reached, the mothership will make regular flybys. By climbing to a high enough altitude and then pressing 7 on the numeric keypad, your boosters will activate and your ship will automatically leave the planet and return to the mothership. If you have reached or exceeded your quota, the level will then end. Otherwise you will restart at the same level with full energy.


Gem Race Gem Race

Gem Race

Countless worlds, all with roads and big, beautiful gems. All just waiting for the best driver to snatch them up.

Treasures can be found in many places. But what's the fun in finding a treasure if you can't race in a great looking car to find them? Blaze the roads of multiple worlds, collect gems, and cross the finish line without a scratch.

Select a level you would like to play, then start the game by pressing any number on the number pad. Your goal is to get the highest score. To do this, collect as many gems as possible. Moving outside of the track or collection with obstacles will reduce your score.


Rings Rings


In the year 3256, mankind has expanded into space. People live in giant space stations called RINGS. It would be all well and good if it weren't for those meddling aliens. Some say we have disturbed their natural habitat. Whatever, we must destroy them.

Your goal is to get the highest score. To do this, survive as long as possible by destroying aliens, avoiding the red balls they throw at you, collecting the yellow balls to restore your shield power, and rescuing stranded space people. Both red balls and collidign with the terrain cause damage to your shield.

Use the D-PAD to change your horizontal and vertical position relative to the ring's surface.

Additional Information

The Dr. Typo Collection includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a full-color manual, and game cartridge.

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