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The Story

The story so far... Magic Knight has rescued his friend and tutor, Gimbal the Wizard, from a self-inflicted White Out spell, and then finds himself catapulted into the 25th Century, aboard the starship USS Pisces. Having acquired a second-hand time machine from the Tyme Guardians, Magic Knight finally reaches his own time and planet - but with a slight problem...

Whilst traveling back, a serious malfunction occurred with the secondhand time machine, and now, horror of horrors, there are two Magic Knights! The other Magic Knight is a real nasty piece of work. He calls himself the "Off White Knight", but locally he is known as the "Stormbringer" because of his powerful and dangerous Storm Cloud, which he is planning to use to destroy Magic Knight.

Magic Knight realizes that he cannot kill Stormbringer, because if he does, he will destroy himself in the process. The only way for Magic Knight to become his old self again is to merge with the "Stormbringer".

Good luck, Magic Knight!

Stormbringer Box



This game uses an enhanced version of windimation. This system allows the player to access windows in which command choices are given. Pressing B on the Joypad will give you the options available.

Move the DPAD up and down to select a command and press B to select.

You control the movement of Magic Knight by pressing the DPAD left and right. Press up to jump.

To turn the music on or off, or load and save the game, select "Read Something" from the command menu and then select the "Gadget".

Only one save can be be stored, and selecting this will overwrite the last save game. Be sure you wish to do this!


Stormbringer, the fourth and final game in the Magic Knight series, was written by David Jones and released in 1987 by Mastertronic. Stormbringer was originally published on the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, and MSX platforms. It would later be published on the Atari ST in 1988, and it is this version that was ported to the Atari Jaguar.

Along with a new soundtrack by Roald Strauss (Gravitic Mines, The Chaos Engine) a few bugs from the original version have also been fixed. First up, save and load now work (quite important!) and, secondly, graphics corruption present in all versions of the Atari ST version has been corrected.


Stormbringer Screenshot Stormbringer Screenshot Stormbringer Screenshot Stormbringer Screenshot

Additional Information

Stormbringer includes a professionally printed, full-color box, a full-color, 4-page manual, and game cartridge.

Saturn on 11/20/2022 10:17pm
Stormbringer is a top tier game, in my opinion. It quickly became my favorite ST release after spending some time with it while testing all the different iterations of this masterpiece over a couple of years. Upon putting the hammer down in search of bugs during the testing phase I fell in love with this epic work of art and researched all I could to learn more about it! Exploring from one end to the other and figuring out how to reach the end was a great experience that I carry fond memories of.
After setting 2 world record completion times on December 9, 2020, anticipation for a final release stayed at max and the time is here. I'm anxiously awaiting mine and will certainly return to the AtariAge Store for more copies once I make room in my collection gallery for a special display of this gem.
Also, the incredible soundtrack to accompany the adventure is second to none, imo. The music is another fitting track that will having you humming it for hours. It does for me, anyway.
If you're looking for a game to test your wits, this is it. So many puzzles to complete and other things to discover. I hope everyone can find as much enjoyment as I have. A great game and welcome addition to an ever expanding library for this mighty console.
Thanks to everyone involved for bringing this excellent game to a new audience!
5/5 easily.

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