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Gorf Arcade

The evil Gorfian Robot Empire has attacked. Your assignment is to repel the invasion and launch a counterattack. You will engage various hostile spacecraft as you journey toward a dramatic confrontation with the enemy flag ship. Good luck!.

Space Missions

A unique sight and sound adventure for special pilots enlisted in the Interstellar Defense Forces (ISDF) for a challenging voyage against the Gorfian Empire.

In a series of missions, the pilot’s assignment is to repel the Gorfian robot attacks and launch a counter attack to ultimately destroy the enemy Flag Ship.

Throughout the missions, the Gorf leader speaks and taunts pilots with phrases like: “Prepare yourself for annihilation”.....”Survival is impossible”.....”Some galactic defender you are”.....”Ha!ha!ha!ha!”.....”My Gorfian robots are unbeatable”.....”Too bad Space Cadet” – AND MORE!

Pilots who can complete five basic missions are rewarded with promotions and continuous action against the Gorfian Empire.


Gorf Arcade brings the classic arcade game home to the Atari 2600, thanks to the wizards at Champ Games! This new version of Gorf Arcade more accurately replicates the arcade experience when compared to the retail release of Gorf for the Atari 2600 by CBS Games back in the 1980s. You'll be amazed at Gorf Arcade's graphics, sounds, speech (via an AtariVox), and gameplay!

Gorf Arcade Box

Gorf Arcade faithfully features all five mission scenarios from the original arcade game:

  • ASTRO BATTLES: Standard Gorfian doctrine for planetary invasion specifies that special purpose invasion Droids be deployed in an attack matrix in the atmosphere. These Droids are dropped from a Gorf (carrier type) flying above the invasion area. The invasion is supported by various command and supply ships (Gorfs and UFOs) which fly above the invasion front. Your ship is vectored into position as the Gorf makes its approach. By skillful shooting you can destroy the Gorf and some of the matrix invaders before the rack is formed. The attack matrix, once formed, begins its descent.
  • LASER ATTACK: The outer orbital zone above the invasion area is patrolled by attack fighters. They act as the first line of defense against our counter-attack. We leave hyper space to engage them. This force is generally organized in formations of five ships: an anti-particle Laser ship, three Dive Bomber ships and a Gorf. As a unit they can maneuver very rapidly. The Dive Bomber ships and Gorfs will try to ram you, while the Laser ships aim to pin you down with a Laser Beam.
  • GALAXIANS: We are now in deep space, approaching the defense perimeter of the Gorfian Robot Empire. Our intrusion is met by the deployment of a fighter matrix. These robots are similar to those used in the GALAXIAN wars. They will move back and forth in formation, launching attack runs using anti-photon bombs.
  • SPACE WARP: We drive on into Gorfian territory, drawing near the enemy Flag Ship. The Flag Ship protects itself by generating a Space Warp. Until recently, this prevented us from making contact. Our improved technology allows us to penetrate and fight within space warps. The Flag Ship will try to stop us here by launching Space Warp Fighters at us. Space Warp Fighters are among the most sophisticated Gorfian weapons. They fly spiral courses and possess very accurate sub-quark torpedo launchers. These Torps are aimed directly at you and close in on your ship in two seconds or less.
  • FLAG SHIP: We now confront the Flag Ship: it is very different from the robots we have fought before and calls for a new set of tactics. The Flag Ship is constructed of superdense neutronium. Power is provided by a large quark fusion reactor. Armament consists of a sub-quark Fireball launcher and a protective Force Field. Unlike force fields of our technology, they can shoot through from their side without deactivation. The only way to destroy the Flag Ship is to hit its internal power reactor.

Additionally, a new "Challenge!" mode has been added to Gorf Arcade that adds further enhancements that will test the mettle of even the most battle-hardened pilots.

Gorf Arcade Cart and Manual


  • Four difficulty levels: Novice, Standard, Advanced, and Challenge!
  • Use the Left Difficulty Switch to choose how far your shots travel.
  • Use the Select Switch to choose your desired starting Rank and Mission (up to 20) when starting a new game.
  • Listen to the Gorfian robots' taunts with an AtariVox plugged into your right controller port.
  • AtariVox/SaveKey support for saving high scores and skill level options.
  • Pause the game using the TV Type switch.


Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot Gorf Arcade Screenshot

Gorf Arcade Poster Included Free!

We're including a free 10" x 14" poster with your copy of Gorf Arcade, featuring Nathan Strum's original Gorf Arcade artwork that adorns the box, manual and label. As a bonus, this is a double-sided poster, with the back of the poster featuring all the speech you can hear in the game if you have an AtariVox attached to your system!

Gorf Arcade Poster - Front Gorf Arcade Poster - Back

ISDF Membership Patches

As a volunteer pilot, active in the fight against the diabolical Gorfian Robot Empire, you will receive your proper respect and identification by earning achievement patches. You must reach at least the following Missions for each patch you wish to earn (starting at Mission 1):

  • SPACE WARRIOR: Reach Mission 21 on Novice difficulty (starts at Mission T1)
  • SPACE AVENGER: Reach Mission 26 on Standard difficulty
  • SPACE MASTER: Reach Mission 36 on Advanced difficulty
  • SPACE CHAMPION: Reach Mission 51 on Challenge! difficulty

To get your patch, take a photo of your final score using a Gorf Arcade cartridge on a real game console. The Gorf Arcade cartridge, manual or box needs to be visible in the photo.

For contest rules and to submit your score visit: ISDF Command Headquarters

Gorf Arcade Patches

AtariVox Support

If you plug an AtariVox into the right flight control port of your ship’s console, you will be able to intercept communications from the Gorfian Empire and hear them taunting you. An AtariVox will also save your scores and skill level options.

Plugging a SaveKey into the right flight control port will save your scores and skill level options, but you can’t eavesdrop on the Gorfian Robots.

Additional Information

Included with Gorf Arcade is the game cartridge, full-color 24-page manual, professionally printed box, and a double-sided 10" x 14" poster featuring Nathan Strum's newly-created artwork for Gorf Arcade. Gorf Arcade is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats. Please specify above when ordering or you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K Melody
Code and Design John W. Champeau
Game Graphics and Voices Nathan Strum
Sound Effects Bob DeCrescenzo
Packaging Design and Art Nathan Strum
Lee Kebler on 01/25/2023 11:11am
I mean, at this point it should be no surprise that if it has the "Champ Games" logo on the box. it's 5 stars and perfect. I really don't know how they managed to get ALL the arcade levels AND the voices in this game. It's arcade perfect and makes the addition of the AtariVox a MUST have for any homebrew player. This game is incredible.
Utilikey on 01/25/2023 12:40am
This was well worth the wait. The amount of detail that went into the production of the game is marvelous, and captures the true essence of the arcade version. Love the presence of all levels. Sounds effects and voiceover are spot on. Playability is tremendous, and the conversion to the VCS platform is seamless here. Box, manual, and achievement patches are a cut above! Bravo.

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