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Rob 'n' Banks

Notorious master thieves Rob and Banks are planning the biggest caper of their lives! Help them clean out as many banks as possible, but watch out for the Virtua Cops, they’re out to put Rob and Banks away for good! Grab all the gold coins in each bank and then make your escape, but keep your eyes open for special treasures and bags of cash. When the guards get too close, slam a door behind you to throw off pursuit. How much money can you grab before your luck runs out?

Rob 'n' Banks Cart and Manual


The object of the game is to help Rob and Banks steal as much as possible from a series of banks. Each bank is patrolled by four Virtua Cops, who will hunt down Rob and Banks. If you are caught by them, you will lose a life. You will start the game with three lives, and when they’re all gone, the game is over.

A bonus life will be awarded if you can steal $15,000.

You start each bank in the bottom exit. After a moment, you will automatically enter the bank and begin your heist. In each bank are several gold coins that you can collect by walking over them. When you have collected all of the coins, the bank exits at the top and bottom will open. Reach one of these exits to escape the Virtua Cops and advance to the next bank.

Bonus Objects

Near the center of each bank is a spot where bags of cash will occasionally appear. Four cash bags will appear in each bank, and if you can grab them, you will be rewarded with increasing amounts of money. The bags only appear for a short time, so get to them quickly. Grabbing a cash bag will embarrass the Virtua Cops, and you will be able to pass through them harmlessly for a very brief time. They will turn red while in this embarrassed state, but it doesn’t last long.

Gates and Doors

The walls of the bank have lines in them that indicate door junctions. An automatic security system operates four green gates that make use of these junctions. The gates open and close automatically, and when closed they will block the paths of not only your character, but also the Virtua Cops. These gates can both help and hinder you, so pay attention to them at all times.

Two of the gates remain near the center of the bank just below the spot where the cash bag appears. The other two will move around the bank. Pay attention to their movement and try to be ready for them when they appear.

Rob and Banks also have the ability to lock doors behind them. You may lock up to two doors, and after a brief period they will disappear, making them available for reuse. Just like the green gates, nobody can pass through these doors. Use them strategically to ward off pursuers.


Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot Rob 'n' Banks Screenshot

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If you'd like a boxed copy of Rob 'n' Banks, please select "Box Upgrade: Yes" at the top of the page before adding Rob 'n' Banks to your cart. Our boxes are professionally printed and include a box insert to hold your Rob 'n' Banks cartridge in place. We want you to play our games, so we have not sealed or shrinkwrapped the boxes in any way, allowing you easy access to the game cartridge and manual.

These boxes are the same size as boxes Atari produced for their games "back in the day". They look great sitting on a shelf with your other boxed homebrew games, or alongside games from the classic Atari 2600 library. We only have a limited number of boxes for each game, and there is no guarantee they will become available again once our supplies are exhausted.

Rob 'n' Banks Box Box

Additional Information

Included with Rob 'n' Banks is the game cartridge and full-color 16-page manual. You can optionally purchase a professionally printed box (see above).

Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller 5200 Joystick Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K
Design and Programming Ryan Witmer
Character and Object Graphics Konstantinos Giamalidis
Sound Effects and Music Bobby Clark
Cover Art Hraïr Abdalian (Henry Lee)
Manual Layout Tony Morse
Jared on 05/28/2023 08:01pm
Very excellent cartridge! If this one was available when the system was out it would be a top seller no doubt. It's true to the original Source material and yet still has that 5200 flavor that we all crave. Game plays extremely well even with the regular old joystick. If you're on the fence about getting this don't worry about hopping off that fence and grabbing it it's totally worth it

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