Attack of the PETSCII Robots - Atari 7800



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Attack of the PETSCII Robots

The day of the revolution will never be forgotten. All transmissions from the colony worlds just stopped, all at once. Agonizing days of silence passed, and then finally the last message was sent.

We, the robots, now rule the colonies. Do not come. You will obey.

In Attack of the PETSCII Robots for the Atari 7800, your mission is to liberate all of the fifteen colonies, one by one. Hunt the robots down in the deep forests, destroy them in the sprawling colony buildings, and wipe them out in the space ports. Take back our worlds!

Attack of the PETSCII Robots Cart and Manual


Attack of the PETSCII Robots is an action game, with exploration and puzzle elements. At the beginning of each game you'll start with nothing in your inventory. You need to search the colony for guns, bombs, magnets, EMP devices, key cards, and health kits to help with your mission.

When you come across a robot, or group of robots, you'll need to figure out the best way to take them out. You might move objects in-between you and your enemy, to prevent them from reaching you, while you shoot at them. Or you might setup an explosive trap with movable explosive canisters. Or you might change your active weapon from a pistol to a plasma cannon - but be careful you don't get hurt by the resulting explosion! 

However you manage it, free the colony by destroying every last robot, and then escape by finding and using the colony transporter pad. Humanity is counting on you!

Built-in HOKEY chip for POKEY audio!

Attack of the PETSCII Robots features an amazing, original soundtrack crafted by Noelle Aman for Atari's POKEY chip. The POKEY was included in Atari's 8-bit computer line, the Atari 5200, and in two 7800 games (Ballblazer and Commando). Unfortunately, as the POKEY was a proprietary Atari chip that hasn't been manufactured in decades, they can only be found in limited quantities at high prices these days.

Hardware engineer Fred Quimby has developed a new POKEY-compatible chip called the HOKEY, and we have several new 7800 cartridge board designs that feature this chip. This means we can offer more games with POKEY audio at a lower cost than including a POKEY chip. This allows for significantly higher-quality sound effects and music for new 7800 homebrew games. Attack of the PETSCII Robots is one of the first games to feature the HOKEY!

SNES2Atari Adapter Included Free!

Attack of the PETSCII Robots includes a free SNES2Atari adapter that allows you to use an SNES controller with the game! As the SNES controller has several additional buttons over the stock Atari 7800 Proline Controller, this allows you to easily access more game functions.

SNES2Atari Adapter with 7800 SNES2Atari Adapter

Control Schemes

The 7800 version of Attack of the PETSCII Robots features four different controller schemes that can be used to enjoy the game. These are:

  • Single 7800 Proline Controller: Uses Standard control scheme.
  • Super Nintendo (SNES) gamepad with the included SNES2Atari adapter (pictured above): Uses Standard control scheme.
  • Twin 7800 Proline Controllers: Allows you to move with one joystick and shoot with the other.
  • 7800 Proline Controller + Atari 2600 Keypad Controller: Allows you to move with the joystick and shoot with the keypad controller.

These control schemes are described in detail in the manual.


Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot Attack of the PETSCII Robots Screenshot

Get a Attack of the PETSCII Robots Box!

If you'd like a boxed copy of Attack of the PETSCII Robots, please select "Box Upgrade: Yes" at the top of the page before adding Attack of the PETSCII Robots to your cart. Our boxes are professionally printed and include a box insert to hold your Attack of the PETSCII Robots cartridge in place. We want you to play our games, so we have not sealed or shrinkwrapped the boxes in any way, allowing you easy access to the game cartridge and manual.

These boxes are the same size as boxes Atari produced for their games "back in the day". They look great sitting on a shelf with your other boxed homebrew games, or alongside games from the classic Atari 2600 library. We only have a limited number of boxes for each game, and there is no guarantee they will become available again once our supplies are exhausted.

Attack of the PETSCII Robots Box Box

Additional Information

Included with Attack of the PETSCII Robots is the game cartridge, full-color 24-page manual, and SNES2Atari adapter. You can optionally purchase a professionally printed box (see above).

Number of Players 1
Controller 7800 Proline Joystick(s), SNES gamepad, or 7800 Proline + 2600 Keypad Controller
Cartridge Size 256K
Original game design, assembly coding David Murray
Atari 7800 Coding Mike Saarna and Matthew Smith
POKEY Music Noelle Aman
Original box art Brendan Carmody
Atari 7800 Box, manual, and labels Grazi Mello
trebor on 04/15/2023 07:48am
Blown away.

I received my copy of Attack of the PETSCII Robots and it does not disappoint. Needless to state, the game itself is well worth the purchase with a ridiculous amount of replay value and is a blast to play, having an awesome balance of action and strategy, containing excellent graphics and a wonderful soundtrack.

There is a considerable amount of depth and layers, along with the player truly in control of gameplay tactics and being able to explore, without fear of needing huge segments of time to enjoy. Each map can be viewed as part of a 15 map universe.

Various scenarios encountered, include but not exclusive to, riding a raft across waters, traversing on foot, and utilizing an elevator to access several floors. Also, some of the hallmarks of this port, which is unique to the 7800 platform, or originated with it and then 'borrowed' by the other ports, deserve attention, such as: full color map screen with game stats, waving flag graphics, water tiles changing in waves, among other things.

It's easy to see how this game was nominated as best homebrew game of the year.

@Albert has again outdone himself with delivery of the physical product. It was shipped, as usual with any AtariAge store bought purchased, in a very well protected and secure packaged box; foam peanuts plus bubble wrap, and an additional plastic bag for the game box itself. From box, to cartridge, to the manual, everything is of superior quality. I thought for certain the manual is where perhaps less expense paper and printing would be utilized, but I was dead wrong. This has been printed with very high quality materials and almost feels like a small paperback book. The ink and gloss, the overall presentation, is fantastic, and the entire thing feels relatively heavy.

@batari HOKEY and PCB delivers consistent results and audio playback under three different consoles (Snapshots of 2 out of 3 consoles are captured below), as beautifully experienced, under the A7800 emulator and MiSTer FPGA. @RevEng, @mksmith, again I cannot thank you enough for porting this great game, in which arguably the 7800 provides the superior 8-bit experience of it.

The included SNES2Atari adapter is rock solid and a thing of beauty. I nearly feel guilty for it being packaged with the game itself at no additional charge.

This is truly all around amazing, folks! Anyone on the fence about a purchase, do not hesitate any longer. This is a title to own, a must for the 7800 library.

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