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Keystone Koppers


Blarney – (AP) A robbery is now in progress at Southwick’s Emporium. The heist was reported just hours ago when a Southwick’s employee found the safe open and ransacked. Gold bags and suitcases filled with money are said to be missing. The number one suspect is Henry Hooligan, a recent escapee from Sing Sing. He’s believed to still be at large in the store... Officer Keystone Kenny is already on the scene and hot on the tail of Henry and his gang of hoods!

Keystone Koppers Box


In Keystone Koppers, you play the role of Keystone Kenny. You must chase Henry Hooligan through the multiple floors of the large Southwick's Emporium store, catching him before he escapes to the roof!

Keystone Kenny follows the left or right movements of the controller. He jumps when you press BUTTON 1. You can run and jump by pressing BUTTON 1 while running. Keystone Kenny will duck when you push the controller DOWN. Press UP to step into the elevator, press DOWN to leave the elevator.

The security scanner at the bottom of the screen is an overview of all floors and the roof. Keystone Kenny is the blue dot and the Krook is the white dot. The elevator is the brown dot in the middle.

The merit system’s timer is in the top middle of the screen. It starts counting down as soon as the game begins. Nine seconds are deducted whenever Keystone Kenny collides with a shopping trolly, beachball or radio.

The game ends when your entire squad of Kops have “gone off duty.” Any of the following will send them ontheir way:

  • Colliding with a biplane
  • Running out of time
  • Allowing a krook to escape
Keystone Koppers Cart and Manual

JAILBREAK AT SING SING! Henry Hooligan Missing!

New York, February 13 – (UPI) – State officials have reported the escape of Hooligan Henry from Sing Sing maximum security prison. The notorious thief was serving ten years for grand larceny after burglarizing 29 department stores last year.

Head warden Ronald Riggle, described Hooligan Henry as a quick-witted, no holds barred burglar who uses everything at his disposal to pull off a job. Riggle said Hooligan is famous for using toy biplanes to foil security guards and is adept at switching floors without using escalators or elevators. Finally, he added that Hooligan Henry was captain of the prison track team and was voted “Most Likely to Escape” in the prison yearbook.


Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot Keystone Koppers Screenshot

Keystone Koppers Poster Included Free!

We're including a free 10" x 14" poster with your copy of Keystone Koppers, featuring John Calcano's original Keystone Koppers artwork that adorns the box, manual and label.

Keystone Koppers Poster

Built-in HOKEY chip for POKEY audio!

Keystone Koppers includes POKEY audio for higher quality music and and sound effects. The POKEY was included in Atari's 8-bit computer line, the Atari 5200, and in two 7800 games (Ballblazer and Commando). Unfortunately, as the POKEY was a proprietary Atari chip that hasn't been manufactured in decades, they can only be found in limited quantities at high prices these days.

Hardware engineer Fred Quimby has developed a new POKEY-compatible chip called the HOKEY, and we have several new 7800 cartridge board designs that feature this chip. This means we can offer more games with POKEY audio at a lower cost than including a POKEY chip. This allows for significantly higher-quality sound effects and music for new 7800 homebrew games. Keystone Koppers is one of the first games to feature the HOKEY!

AtariVox Support

If you have an AtariVox or SaveKey plugged into the second controller port of your console, high scores will be saved to the AtariVox/SaveKey and reloaded when you power up the game in the future (as long as the AtariVox/SaveKey is still connected to your console).

Additional Information

Included with Keystone Koppers is the game cartridge, newspaper-style manual, professionally printed box, and a 10" x 14" poster featuring John Calcano's cover artwork.

Number of Players 1
Controller 7800 Proline Controller
Cartridge Size 128K
Graphics & Code Lewis Hill
Music Bobby Clark
Music Support Matt Smith
Cover Artwork, Box and Label Design John Calcano (Atariboy2600)
Additional Layout Tony Morse
Additional Artwork Bethany Hill
Keith Sheehan on 05/16/2023 07:29pm
Keystone is an excellent 7800 port of the Activision game we all know and love, with a number of enhancements. Added to the game are cut scenes after every 5th level, which gives one an opportunity to take a breath and regroup. The song options also fit in well with the time period of the game.

I do have one critique, it's that one is unable to view their final score on the 'The End' screen. How am I supposed to take my Polaroid and send it to MuddyVision for my patch? :D

Great job guys! I can't wait for the next one!

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