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TV Type:  NTSC        PAL60      
Caramujo is currently available for PRE-ORDER and will not ship immediately. Once shipping begins in about 2-3 months, these orders will go out fairly quickly in the order received. Please contact us if you have any questions.

The snail has embarked on a mysterious journey, far from familiar landscapes. Along the way, it will encounter various friendly and hostile creatures.

Your task is to help the snail reach its goal. The snail's path is unknown, just as it is unknown to you, as you both navigate through the game.

The only thing the snail knows more than you is its objective.

Caramujo Box


In the first three stages, you must collect a key to create a moving platform that will transport the snail across a hole. You can jump over the bee, but not the hedgehog; you must avoid it at the right moment. Also, be careful not to fall into a hole. Beyond those stages, you're left to your own devices to learn how to complete them!

A timer bar on the screen displays the amount of time remaining in order to complete the level you're currently playing. The time taken to complete the level is your score.

You control the snail using the joystick. Push the joystick left and right to move in those directions, and press the fire button to jump. When the butterfly is carrying the snail, the joystick is used for up and down movement, and the fire button for shooting.

Caramujo Cart and Manual


Caramujo Screenshot Caramujo Screenshot Caramujo Screenshot Caramujo Screenshot

Caramujo Poster Included Free!

We're including a free 10" x 14" poster with your purchase of Caramujo, featuring John Calcano's original Caramujo artwork that adorns the box, manual and label.

Caramujo Poster

Additional Information

Included with Caramujo is the game cartridge, full-color, 4-page manual, a professionally printed box, and a 10" x 14" poster featuring John Calcano's newly-created artwork for the game. Caramujo is available in NTSC and PAL60 television formats. Please specify above when ordering or you will receive an NTSC cartridge by default.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming and Graphics Mirsad Sarjlic, Harold Hjou
Cover Artwork and Box John Calcaono (Atariboy2600)
Additional Layout Design G. Tony Morse
Jared Gray West on 12/20/2023 09:22am
I picked up a copy of Caramujo at PRGE 2023 and I've really enjoyed my time with it. I wasn't sure what to expect with a player character that is so slow but it actually turns the standard run-and-jump platforming style into a game that's much more strategic and thoughtful. The snail's slowness also ramps up the intensity to nail-biting levels as one wrong move can send you back to the start. It's such an interesting gameplay idea and I LOVE it! The graphics are beautiful and make excellent use of the system's color palette. If you're looking for something unique for the 2600, put Caramujo on your list.
Jared Gray West on 12/20/2023 09:00am
I picked up a boxed copy of Caramujo at PRGE 2023 and I LOVE this game. I wasn't sure how the idea of having a player character who is extremely slow would work in practice but I think it's a very innovative idea and honestly, it's incredibly fun. Caramujo takes the idea of a standard run-and-jump platformer and transforms it into a more strategic experience. The slowness even ramps up the intensity since one wrong move means you're sent back to the starting point. The graphics are lovely and make good use of the system's color palette. I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested in a unique gameplay experience for the 2600.

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