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Scorch is currently available for PRE-ORDER and will not ship immediately. Once shipping begins in about 2-3 months, these orders will go out fairly quickly in the order received. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Scorch brings the classic turn-based artillery game to the Atari 5200! You and up to five other players take turns firing a variety of weaponry at your opponents, adjusting your tank’s turret angle and power before each shot. You must consider gravity, wind, terrain, and other variables if you want to be the last tank standing!Choose up to six human and/or robo tanks for each game. Before each round, you can purchase offensive and defensive weapons using your available cash. Weapons range from basic missiles to expensive nukes, and defensive weapons include parachutes, shields, auto defense, and more!Do you have what it takes to outlast your opponents and be king of the mountain?

Scorch Box


Scorch has many options for a fun time - you can play alone against a horde of up to five robotanks of various intelligence levels, or with friends, each using his or her own controller (up to four). Select starting cash - add more dough to allow for more sophisticated defense and attacks; play 10, 20 or even 50 rounds of carnage; choose the flat plains of the Netherlands or the sharp slopes of Nepal.

Buy a multitude of offensive weapons, such as the MIRV, Baby Nuke, and Death’s Head, or purchase shields and other defensive gear, including the Bouncy Castle that bounces off projectiles, Lazy Darwin that aims at the weakest link, and the highly intimidating Long Schlong.

Once in the game and you see tanks in the mountain terrain, you can move your controller left and right to change the barrel angle, and moving up and down changes the force. Press fire to blast your opponent and then pass the controller to the next player.

Can you win against five vicious Cyborgs? Sure you can with the right tactic and strategic planning. Do not focus on bombs when digging your own holes or covering enemies with liquid dirt might prove more effective. Change your position using Hovercraft, but make sure the Hovercraft is full of eels at all times! Do you feel lucky, tank? Why not try BFG (Best … Gifts) for an assortment of goodies and maybe even a legendary Wunderwaffe? If all fails, you can choose to wave a white flag or summon the Nuclear Winter to bring “the peace of our times”. There are rumors about a robotic visitor from the future. Think about it if you wish to terminate the engagement once and for all.

Scorch Cart and Manual


Scorch Screenshot Scorch Screenshot Scorch Screenshot Scorch Screenshot Scorch Screenshot Scorch Screenshot

Additional Information

Included with Scorch is the game cartridge, full-color, 32-page manual, and a professionally printed box.

Number of Players 1 - 6 (Controllers can be shared amongst players)
Controller Joystick Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K
Programming Tomasz ‘Pecus’ Pecko, Pawel ‘pirx’ Kalinowski
Artwork Adam Wachowski, Roman ‘xorcerer’ Fierfas, Krzysztof ‘Kaz’ Ziembik
SFX, Music, and Support Michal ‘Miker’ Szpilowski
Additional Music Mario ‘Emkay’ Krix
Cover Artwork and Box John Calcano (Atariboy2600)
Manual Layout Tony Morse
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