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E.X.O. is currently available for PRE-ORDER and will not ship immediately. Once shipping begins in about 2-3 months, these orders will go out fairly quickly in the order received. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Set in the near future, your E.X.O. (Elite Xeno Operations) team have been betrayed and scattered across the galaxy. Operating from a hidden base, you are their only hope for rescue. Take on the role of Zoe Ryen, Command Pilot in the top secret Elite Xeno Operations, strap in to your Wasp Tactical Extraction Mark 5 and infiltrate, shoot, battle and puzzle your way through five uniquely themed worlds, rescue your team and save Earth.

E.X.O. Box


Your E.X.O. team has been imprisoned and you need to rescue them.

Fly your ship around each level, avoiding or defeating the many different types of traps and enemies. Each world has a generator and a security code. To rescue the team member and leave the world, you need to disable the generator and get the security code. Often you will not be able to retrieve the code without first disabling the defenses controlled by the generator.

Each World also has a hidden Keystone. Collecting the Keystones from all four levels will unlock the fifth and final level. Switches are used to unlock the rooms containing the Keystones. You will need to find and flip all the switches in each world. When the final switch is flipped, the screen will shake, notifying the pilot that something has changed in the level. You may need to backtrack to find the Keystone.

Once you have completed the mission and rescued the E.X.O. team member, you will be returned to Artemis Base to debrief. You can take this opportunity to save your game and prepare for the next mission. (Keystone collection is not a success requirement but is highly recommended!)

Good luck!


  • Huge 512K Atari 7800 game!
  • Five full worlds for the player to explore and defeat, each with unique a graphical theme and environment, from industrial factories to ruined ancient temples.
  • Five end of level bosses to defeat.
  • Four hidden Key Stones to unlock.
  • 15 POKEY Tunes for your audio enjoyment using built-in HOKEY chip.
  • More than 100 screens in total.
  • HSC, AtariVox and SaveKey support for saving progress and unlocks (three save slots).
  • AtariVox speech supported for boss fights.
  • Cinematic Viewer so that you can revisit past glories.
  • Comprehensive "how to play" tutorial in game.
  • Unlockable Easter Eggs such as the POKEY music player.
  • Fully PAL compatible and adjusted.
  • 32K of music and sound effects, over 80K of graphics.
E.X.O. Cart and Manual


E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot E.X.O. Screenshot

AtariVox Support

E.X.O. can use the AtariVox or SaveKey for saving your progress. If you have an AtariVox or SaveKey connected to your Atari 7800 in the right hand control port, you will be able to load and save your progress after each mission, as well as saving all of your unlocks and Easter eggs. Access the LOAD and SAVE screen by moving the cursor to the bed on the Barracks Screen and pressing the FIRE 1. If you're using an AtariVox, you can also hear in-game speech if you have your AtariVox connected to an external speaker.

E.X.O. Collector's Edition

In Spring of 2024, we will be releasing a special Collector's Edition of E.X.O. In addition to the cartridge, manual, and box included with the regular E.X.O. release, the Collector's Edition will also include:

  • Soundtrack CD featuring Bobby Clark's amazing E.X.O. music
  • "Betrayal, an E.X.O. 1 Story" Novella
  • "E.X.O. Making Of" Booklet
  • E.X.O. Embroidered Patch
  • E.X.O. Keychain
  • Poster featuring box art on one side, map of the first level on back side
  • Larger box to contain the original game box as well as everything listed above

We just wanted everyone to be aware that we are working on a Collector's Edition of the game in case you want to hold off and wait for that version. We don't know what the cost will be yet, but likely around $100 or so. Also, the above list of included items is not set in stone and may change.

Additional Information

Included with E.X.O. is the game cartridge, full-color, 20-page manual, and a professionally printed box.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 512K
Code, Design, Graphics, Manual Text Lewis Hill
Music Bobby Clark
Code Gurus Mike Saarna, Matt Smith
Cover Artwork and Box John Calcano (Atariboy2600)
Manual Layout Tony Morse
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