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Harpy's Curse
Harpy's Curse is currently available for PRE-ORDER and will not ship immediately. Once shipping begins in about 2-3 months, these orders will go out fairly quickly in the order received. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You are a harpy - swift of wing and vicious in nature. Banished to a deadly labyrinth, you are tasked with defeating the four keepers of the maze - only then can you face the Great Sphinx who exiled you here.

The labyrinth contains legendary artifacts - feathers of legendary birds and beasts that might aid you. Great power might be found here, but you truly wish for escape, and the only way out is through machinations of the Sphinx.

Harpy's Curse Box


You can flap your wings to fly and explore the labyrinth. While in the air, swoop to attack enemies. You can then collect their heart to heal yourself if your life meter is not already full. Jump/Fly: Tap or hold down the jump button to continue flying and gaining altitude.
Attack: Tap to swoop downward at denizens of the maze, but aim carefully!

There are many things to find hidden in the maze as well:

  • Key: Four different keys can be found, each opening a corresponding type of door.
  • Great Heart: Increases your maximum health.
  • Feather: Each feather gives you a different ability. Some give you new types of attacks, others give you more strength.
  • Mirrors: These can give you passwords and restore your health, or lead to one of the guardians of the labyrinth. Defeat all four, and then find the final mirror to face the Great Sphinx.

You must find and defeat the four labyrinth guardians - besting each one will light a torch in the center of the maze. Once all four torches are lit, you can access the final mirror and remove your curse by facing off with the Great Sphinx herself!


  • Explore a vast scrolling maze made up of over 500 screens!
  • Fly and fight your way to find new abilities and powers!
  • Five bosses to find hidden among the winding passages!
  • Built-in HOKEY to support the POKEY music soundtrack!
  • Password and saving capabilities to keep your progress!
Harpy's Curse Cart and Manual


Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot Harpy's Curse Screenshot

Harpy's Curse Poster Included Free!

We're including a free 10" x 14" double-sided poster with your purchase of Harpy's Curse! The front of the poster features William Thorup's original Harpy's Curse artwork that adorns the box, manual and label. The back of the poster includes a stylized map of the first level of the game.

Harpy's Curse Poster
Harpy's Curse Poster

AtariVox Support

Harpy's Curse can use the AtariVox or SaveKey for saving your progress. If one of these peripherals is connected to the right controller port of your 7800 during gameplay, you can load a previous game from the title screen, or save your game from a password tablet.

Additional Information

Included with Harpy's Curse is the game cartridge, full-color, 16-page manual, professionally printed box, and a 10" x 14" poster featuring William Thorup's newly-created artwork for Harpy's Curse.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 128K
Programming and Artwork Todd Furmanski
Music Erik Satie, Todd Furmanski
Packaging Artwork and Layout William Thorup
Jared Gray West on 12/20/2023 09:45am
I picked up a copy of Harpy's Curse at PRGE 2023 and I'm having a great time with it. At its core, this game is a Metroidvania for the 7800, but it adds a unique control mechanic for the harpy character. Tapping the button to flap your wings will help you gain altitude, and pressing the second button initiates a dive attack that can damage enemies. There's a lot of content here and I've only seen a fraction of the map. Looking forward to playing this one for a long time to come!

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