Koffi: Yellow Kopter - Atari 5200


Koffi is a little kopter, and not allowed to go with the bigger rescue kopters on missions. But when Koffi learns of an insidious plan of Pyro the stormcloud to burn down the forests ... Koffi must take action! Protect the forests and the animals that live there, and defeat the villainous Pyro the electrified stormcloud! Koffi is a one-screen action game, with four stages per level, and as many levels as you can defeat!

AtariAge held a Koffi: Yellow Kopter Kontest to help create animals for Koffi to rescue in the game. Ron Lloyd chose nearly twenty entries that are included in the final game!

Koffi: Yellow Kopter includes a colorful label illustrated by Dave Giarrusso, as well as a beautiful, full-color sixteen page manual created by Dale Crum.

Author Ron Lloyd
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Label Design Dave Giarrusso
Joseph Kollar on 12/31/2004 11:48am
So much better than I expected! I had been putting this one off because I thought it might be too cute but I was wrong. It's very addicting and the cuteness isn't overdone at all. I actually got a chuckle out of how well done some of the animal graphics are. This is what videogames are supposed to be, simple to learn, hard to master. I highly reccommend this game.
Dennis Debro on 05/13/2003 11:31am
I love this game. Ron has done a great job with this original title. What I like most is this game started out as a demo of programming the 5200. Ron took that and created a great game.

The graphics are simple but that doesn't stop the game play element. Capturing water drops to put out the forest fire and at the same time trying to rescue the animals. Smokie the Bear would be proud :)

There are many animals to rescue in this game. Ron sponsored a contest here at AtariAge and I believe all the entries made it into the game. They are drawn good (graphics and color) and have good animation.

Ron also mentions an Easter Egg is in this game. Try to find it! He really hid it in the game.

Excellent execution!!!
Brian Rittmeyer on 04/26/2003 12:19am
So, you're asking yourself, "Should I buy this game? Is it really worth my $30?" Put simply, yes, you should buy this game and it is worth your $30. If you are fortunate enough to own a working 5200 with a good controller, you owe it to yourself to add this new and unique game to your collection. You won't regret it.

You can get a taste for Koffi by downloading the rom and playing it on an emulator. That'll give you an idea if this is a game for you. If you like it, buy the cart, because the emulation doesn't do this game justice. Playing Koffi on a 5200 is truly a fun experience. Great colors, sound effects and music, which get kinda skewed on an emulator.

There's plenty to do in this game, and plenty of levels and difficulty settings to keep you playing and coming back. As Koffi, you have a lot to do - rescue the animals, collect water from rain drops and snowflakes, put out the fires and stop Pyro, which you do by bumping into him while avoiding his lightning strikes. And then, after three levels, you have to face Pyro's mom - she's mad and not alone.

The game has three difficulty levels - easy, normal and hard. On easy, you'll find yourself breezing through maybe the first two or even three levels before things begin to get a bit trickier. And on normal, you need to change your strategy completely, being aware of your water supply, the speed of the fire and quickly rescuing animals when they appear. Don't ask me about hard, I haven't even dared try that yet! The game manual explains more about the differences in difficulty.

At the start, you can select both the difficulty level and what level you want to start at. There is also a "kolor" feature, that you access by pushing "5" on your kepad during gameplay, that allows you to change the colors on screen and play with the colors you choose.

This is a quality product, with a label as good or better than what you see on Atari's official releases. And there's an equally high quality color manual along with it.

On top of that, the service you'll get from the AtariAge store - from not getting ripped off on shipping to speedy delivery of your order - if my experience is any indication - makes the decision even that much simpler. I ordered on a Saturday, and it arrived on a Wednesday.

Koffi Yellow Kopter is a game no 5200 owner should be without.

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