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Cartridge Style:  Charcoal (Translucent)        Light Gray (Opaque)      

Fans of the classic Atari arcade game Warlords will be pleased to learn that Bryan Edewaard has developed a version for the Atari 8-bit computers. In this fast-paced game, up to four players can compete against one another or computer opponents. Using your shield, you must capture and launch fireballs against an enemy's castle, while protecting your own castle from enemy fireball hits. Gameplay mechanics and graphics closely match the arcade, with additional gameplay options available, adding variety to an already great game.

The Castle Crisis artwork created by Manu Pärssinen was a result of the Castle Crisis Label Contest held on AtariAge. Castle Crisis supports up to four players with two sets of paddle controllers for a more authentic arcade experience. If you're a fan of the arcade Warlords, or of the popular 2600 version, you owe it to yourself to buy Castle Crisis! If you don't have an Atari 8-bit computer, a version for the Atari 5200 is also available, complete with a professionally printed box.

Choose Cartridge Style

You can purchase Castle Crisis in one of two cartridge styles: a translucent charcoal color or an opaque light gray color. Both are pictured below. You can choose which style you prefer at the top of the page. There is no price difference between the two styles. If you do not make a selection, you will receive the translucent charcoal cartridge shell by default.

Castle Crisis Cartridge Styles

Additional Information

Castle Crisis requires an Atari 8-bit computer with at least 16K of RAM and one or two sets of Atari paddle controllers. Castle Crisis includes the game cartridge and twelve page, full-color manual.

Author Bryan Edewaard
Number of Players 1 - 4
Controllers Paddle Controllers
Cartridge Size 32K
Label Design Manu Pärssinen
Manual Design Dale Crum
Michael Basal on 05/06/2022 02:30pm
Just like the 5200 version (that I also own) this is absolutely outstanding! It's Warlords for the 400 / 800 - 8 bit computers. I know, I own an actual Atari Warlords arcade game too (4 player cocktail model). The Atari paddle controllers work, of course, great with this game but, what is even better, though very few would have this option, is to connect the computer to an original Atari VCS / 2600 Store Kiosk (I own one of them too). The controller plugs on it are the same and, tada! An almost perfect "total translation experience" of the actual arcade game results! The sounds and graphics are excellent too! I highly recommend this game!
Bill Siggelow on 04/17/2020 12:59pm
Excellent port of a classic arcade game. Sounds and graphics are spot on. Great four player game at parties!
jaybird3rd on 07/25/2019 06:33am
Bryan did an amazing job of bringing Warlords to the Atari 800/XL/XE and 5200: the graphics, sounds, and gameplay are translated perfectly, and the authentic analog controls make both versions a joy to play. I'd give a slight edge to the 800/XL/XE version, since you can have paddle controls for all four players, but both versions would be a welcome addition to any Atari collection! Highly recommended!
Bill Siggelow on 02/27/2018 01:54pm
This has got to be one of the best games I have played on my Atari XEGS! It is a blast to play with four players. We played about 15 games back to back last night. The graphics and sound are spot on. We need more arcade games made for the Atari 8-bit like this!
Perry Thuente on 08/21/2017 11:44am
This is a great port of the original Warlords arcade game. The author has really captured the details in the graphics, like the animation of the fireballs and dragon. The gameplay is perfect and the sound is authentic, as it should be since the computer's sound chip is the same as the arcade version. While this is a simple game, it is a ton of fun when played with your family and friends. It supports up to 4 players so would make a great party game. I pulled this out recently to play with my 12 year old and had a ton of fun. She scoffed at first when the game started, but really loved it after a bit of play. This is a must have for any Warlords fan.
Joseph Till on 04/22/2004 10:41pm
The arcade Warlords was always one of my favorite games, and until the Atari Anniversary collections came out a couple of years ago, you had to settle for the good (but not the same) Atari 2600 version to play at home. The Atari Anniversary versions for various home systems and PC are good, but you still didn't have true paddle control, like in the arcade original... until now... Castle Crisis is by far the best home version of Warlords that I have ever played! It has arcade-perfect graphics and gameplay, and best of all, you can use your Atari 2600 paddles. Get an extra set of paddles, and 4 players together for one of the best party games of all time! This is quite possibly the best game ever released for the Atari 8-bit computers- I don't think I've seen any other arcade port for the Atari 8-bits that look and play as close to the arcade version! You must have this game! Side note- the label is also fantastic- it's hard to tell that it's not an original Atari release- great job, guys!

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