Astro Invader - ColecoVision



You are Earth's last hope! It's a war between your laser base defense and the incoming hordes of Astro Invaders. Dodge the incoming invaders and their deadly impact explosions! Take out the flying saucers before they land and run off with your women! It's a relentless battle to the very end when you bring home the arcade thrill of Astro Invader!

Astro Invader is a flawless port of the fast-paced arcade game of the same name. Scott Huggins has brought the thrill of the arcade game home to your ColecoVision, faithfully reproducing the sights, sounds, and gameplay of the original. How many waves of alien invaders can you fend off before being overwhelmed?

Includes cartridge and manual. Label and manual design by Joe Kollar.

Author Scott Huggins
Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Label and Manual Design Joe Kollar
VectorGamer on 08/17/2017 11:28am
A fantastic translation of the Stern arcade smash hit. There's not much depth to the game play, but those that played the arcade game BITD will love this home release.
Troy Whelan on 09/27/2005 01:37pm
Astro Invader, released in June 2005, is the first ColecoVision game by Scott Huggins and it is currently available through Atari Age. The action in this game is fast paced and intense with very little room for error. The game play is also very faithful to the original arcade version, but Scott did slow this version down a little in order to make it more enjoyable to a wider audience. The game play speeds up very soon into the game, so even veteran players will find this to be extremely fun and challenging.

With a never ending assault of alien invaders, you must prevent UFOs from landing as each Mother Ship unloads 200 alien craft. You move your laser base from side to side as the alien ships continue shooting at you while filling up the columns to the sides of the Mother Ship. Once any column is full, the alien invaders will fall out the bottom of that column towards you! Periodically, a UFO will come down and you must shoot it before it lands or your base is destroyed.

A very nice high quality effort, especially since this is Scott's first game! I am also looking forward to his next release on the ColecoVision...Spectar!

Also, very nice work by Joe Kollar on the label, box, and design. Extremely high quality!

Rating: 9/10
Joseph Kollar on 06/27/2005 07:25pm
Call me biased because I did the art but forget the art for a minute. This game is excellent. It's relentless and faced paced with arcade perfect graphics and cool sound effects. Anybody with a CV who loves classic shoot 'em ups should definitely buy this. You won't be disappointed.

OK now go admire the art too :)

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