Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns - Atari 2600



Think of Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns as an advanced version of the classic Atari game Surround. While avoiding walls&#44 each worm can shoot a cannon that will destroy a single block on the playing field&#44 or kill the opposing worm.

Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns is a new version of Billy Eno's popular Atari 2600 homebrew game Warring Worms. This new version of Warring Worms sports several significant improvements over the original game and the game has been doubled in size from 4K to 8K. Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns includes a new game selection screen&#44 where you can see all the original options as well as several new ones:

  • Tank Mode - In this mode&#44 the snakes no longer grow continuosly. As your snake moves&#44 it no longer leaves a trail behind you.
  • Solid Arena Mode - The starting arena cannot be destroyed by the cannon.
  • Unbreakable Mode - Nothing can be destroyed by the cannons. In this mode&#44 the only thing the cannon can hurt is your opponent!
  • First To - Tony Morse once said something to the effect of&#44 "Who wants to play best of 198?" This feature lets you chose the ending score&#44 and bring "full" games down to a reasonable playable time.
  • Win by Two Mode - This feature changes the winning condition so that you must beat your opponent by at least two points.
  • Select Game/Random Game - Selecting Random Game changes most of the game options to be selected randomly before each round. This provides a new challenge every round.

Includes cartridge with an original label design by Nathan Strum and a full-color manual crafted by Tony Morse.

Author Billy Eno
Number of Players 1 - 2
Controller Joystick Controllers
Cartridge Size 8K
Label Design Nathan Strum
Manual Design Tony Morse
Tony Morse on 11/27/2023 03:07pm
It's Surround with guns, what's not to love?
save2600 on 01/29/2019 10:01am
We used to play Snafu for the Intellivision growing up (still love the music), but would get frustrated at the controls. Sooooo many times with the infamously imprecise Intellivision disc pad, you accidentally go in the wrong direction, that you'd end up needlessly crashing. Well, Warring Worms satisfies that itch to play such a game and thanks to the Atari controller, you can enjoy longer playing sessions without your hands cramping either. More options than Snafu as well, so if you kinda/sorta like Surround, Tape Worm and Snafu type games - you owe it to yourself to check out Warring Worms as it bests them all!
Roger Wolf on 11/24/2016 10:46am
One of the best 2-Player homebrew games, along with Fall Down. A lot of challenging modes available for long time enjoyment with friends. A true party game!
Nathan Strum on 03/28/2006 04:06am
It's Surround meets Combat - with enough variety to keep you busy for months. This is a great game to play head-to-head, and the single-player mode has pretty decent AI as well. The concept is pretty simple - box your opponent in, or blast him to bits. What makes this game a keeper though is the sheer number of options available. There's a mode for everybody here, from indestructible walls to constantly changing arenas, wide-open vistas to confining spaces, weapons or no weapons, scoring variations, and a mode that generates random options for each round in a game. This is one game you may never play the same way twice, but if you find a mode that's your favorite, the game selection menu makes it easy to dial in exactly the settings you want.

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