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"For though he was gentle and kind, it was Quasimodo's crime to have been born hideously deformed. But one day his heart would prove to be a thing of rare beauty. She was Esmerelda. The victim of a coward's jealous rage, she is unjustly convicted of a crime she didn't commit. Her sentence is death by hanging. Only one man can save her --Quasimodo." Victor Hugo

Hunchy II is a sequel to the 1982 classic arcade game Hunch Back which is loosely based on the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1831) by Victor Hugo. Your task is to guide the hunchbacked Quasimodo in his quest to rescue the gypsy girl Esmeralda from the cathedral of Notre Dame. To succeed, you must collect all of the bells in each cathedral room. You must also avoid any incoming missiles and the fearsome cathedral guards. Hunchy II contains 14 levels of increasing difficulty.

Hunchy II features an original label by Justin Hairgrove and manual by Tony Morse.

Author Chris Walton
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 4K
Label Design Justin Hairgrove
Manual Design Tony Morse
Jared Gray West on 12/20/2023 02:43pm
I bought Hunchy 2 a number of years ago and it's still in my regular rotation. I make some progress every time I play but I've never conquered all of the stages. Lots of replay value in this one. I like the way the control feels and the bullets/enemies keep things from getting stale. Fun puzzle/platformer!
Paul Verrall on 08/27/2017 10:07am
I played this for the first time when I read that it could be removed from the store. I found it on my PSP and modded Xbox and decided to give it a go.

This game reminds me of Manic Miner, Chuckie Egg and similar early platformers. It's also great to see that it holds its own against those classics very well indeed.

Graphically tidy, although I found it can be confusing where you can jump and fall through at the start. The controls respond perfectly and feel great as Hunchy moves around the screen. Soundwise, it is pretty standard fare but suits the onscreen action well.

Plenty of screens to get through coupled with a decent challenge, and all in just 4k. Lovely.

A spiffing 4 ou of 5!

Joseph Kollar on 01/13/2007 07:39pm
Hunchy II is a GREAT game on the VCS. The graphics aren't too special and the sound is just OK but the gameplay is terrific. It's sort of a simplified Jumpman but don't let the simplified fool you. The levels get pretty difficult to puzzle out and those bullets start flying very quick.

At $20 this is a STEAL. Hunchy II is more fun than a large portion of the original library of the VCS. I think in a few more rounds it might take over as my favorite VCS homebrew.

The label and manual are nicely done too. They have a unique style that fits the game istelf well.
Colin Hodder on 12/11/2006 01:33pm
This is one of the best VCS games I've ever played. One thing's for sure, it shows how lazy or under-funded programmers were on games like Donkey Kong for the 2600. This game is so much better than those that it's sick. If you own something that plays VCS carts, you owe it to yourself to buy this game.
ace list on 12/06/2006 12:10pm
Wow, this game is awesome! I've been hooked on platform games since back in the day with Donkey Kong and Loderunner. Hunchy II doesn't have the flashiest graphics in town, but the gameplay is GREAT. The level design is ingenious and the strategic elements really put it over the top. You really have to think these screens out! The control is crisp and clean, and the action is, shall we say, TENSE! I've played this game for 2 months pretty hard and I JUST NOW finished it. It even has an ending sequence! I rate this up there with the best of the Atari classics. I hope there's a Hunchy III, the author could keep everything the same and just design new levels. I would be all over it!
Raymond Blakey on 08/11/2006 01:42am
This is not only one of the finest modern games I've ever played, it may well be one of the finest games ever programmed for the Atari 2600!

I haven't played a game this addicitng on my 2600 since I was a kid. It draws you in with great looking and large sprites, intense gameplay, and some of the finest level design to ever grace a platforming game.

Without question this game outshines any platformer ever made for the 2600 and a few made for later systems.

Fans of Miner 2049er, Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy, Jumpman, Jumpman Jr., Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and Donkey Kong Jr, or the Bruce Lee game from the Commodore 64 are ENCOURAGED to buy this title. If you like any of those games, you'll LOVE Hunchy 2.

Buy this game, you'll be doing yourself a massive favor!

Nathan Strum on 03/28/2006 04:14am
Hunchy II is a first-rate platformer, with 14 levels to master. The layouts are fiendishly clever, and some of them will take you quite a few tries to figure out the correct solution. The difficulty ramps up gradually as new challenges are added with each level, so each game you'll learn just enough to get a little bit farther in the next one. The graphics are excellent and flicker-free, and the controls are precise - which is absolutely essential for a game like this. The sounds are a little on the plain side, but the addictive gameplay more than makes up for it. This game belongs in everyone's 2600 collection. It's the kind of game Miner 2049er and other games of its ilk only wish they could have been.
Jeffrey Crouch on 01/31/2006 07:05pm
I think I've gotten to screen 5 thus far. I'm happy that this was part of the first batch of homebrews I've gotten, it's really worth the money as far as I'm concerned.
Stan Dean on 01/31/2006 02:56pm
Hunch II is a surprisingly amazing game! When I first saw screenshots and heard descriptions of the game I was not terribly impressed. That was my mistake. On a whim, I decided to add it to my order from AA when I was buying a few other games, just to see what it was all about. Much to my delight, Hunchy II turns out to be a devilish puzzle game with excellent platforming action. At first, I feared the game would be too easy, as I cleared the first few levels with ease, then the difficulty set in. The game is all about timing and pattern recognition. Learning your way around each level is essential to success, and with each success you'll hunger for more! Hunchy II is addictive and fun. The graphics a big and bright and pretty well rendered. I fear a lot of people will pass over this wonderful game (especially if they are duped by the II in the name, assuming they missed Hunchy I), but hopefully with enough buzz everyone will find out just how great it is!
Matthew Davis on 12/28/2005 11:17pm
Very fun! Just got this cart and am very impressed. If you like fun platformers on the 2600, you won't be dissapointed.
Mike Stagney on 12/26/2005 02:05pm
I picked up Hunchy 2 at the Philly vgXpo. Of the new homebrews released at the show, it was the one that suprised me. I knew before I got to Philly that I was going to pick up Swoops, Fall Down and Crazy Balloon. All it took was playing one game of Hunchy 2 on a real 2600 to make the game a must buy for me.

If I could sum it up in a short sentence, it's like playing Miner 2049er for the Atari 8-bits on your 2600. Yes, the great original version of the game, not the pathetic 2600 translations we were stuck with 20 years ago.

Hunchy 2 is a great platform game with strategy. You have to collect the bells on the screen before time runs out and in the later screens, this involves a lot of figuring out how to get to them. And get them all within the time limit while avoiding the missiles from the side, which seem to come when you least want them.

Hunchy 2 has 14 screens and it is amazing that Chris got all that in 4K. I've made it to screen 7 so far. It's addicting and fun.

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