2005 Minigame Multicart - Atari 2600



Atari 2600 fans Chris Walton (cd-w)&#44 Fred Quimby (batari)&#44 Bob Montgomery (vdub_bobby)&#44 and Zach Matley (Zach) submitted several 1K entries for the 2005 Minigame Competition. They have now teamed up to release their seven 1K games in a single 2005 Minigame Multicart&#44 complete with an on-screen menu that allows easy selection of the games as well as instructions.

The included games are:

  • Hunchy - Hunchy is inspired by the classic arcade game Hunch Back (released 1982)&#44 which is loosely based on the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1831) by Victor Hugo. You play the role of the hunchbacked bell-ringer Quasimodo in his quest to rescue the gypsy girl Esmeralda from the cathedral of Notre Dame. To succeed&#44 you must jump across the roof of the Notre Dame&#44 avoiding the guards and an assortment of missiles. There are 16 screens to complete&#44 increasing in difficulty as you progress. Hunchy has an infinite number of lives&#44 and you will need them all!
  • Jetman - In Jetman you play a battle-hardened gas station attendant in outer space! Your job is to refuel the rockets as quickly as possible&#44 while coming under heavy fire from forces unknown. Jetman is inspired by the classic Ultimate 8-bit game JetPac (released 1983). There are 16 space craft to refuel in increasingly hostile conditions.
  • Nightrider - As the Nightrider&#44 you must ride for freedom or die! Hostile government forces are in helicopter pursuit as you make your futile bid for freedom. To stop or hesitate will mean certain death&#44 but the rugged terrain will also bite you without warning. The faster and further you ride&#44 the more your freedom is worth.
  • Zirconium - An exotic alien species is invading our galaxy! The cubic zirconia&#44 based on elemental zirconium instead of carbon&#44 have tried to block your approach to their boxy mothership with their geometrically perfect space mines. You&#44 as the intrepid space captain Joe Diamond&#44 must think outside the box as you battle your way through their blocky blockade. Your ship's armor can only withstand a few collisions&#44 so take good aim at the obstacles and don't miss the power packs spread throughout the galaxy!
  • Rocket Command - Interterrestrial beings are erupting from the earth's core in an attempt to take over the surface! As the Rocket Commander&#44 you have installed a battalion of rockets at the top of the volcanic crater where the magma beings are launching their craft. It's up to you to destroy these molten enemies before they launch into the sky! If your rockets destroy enough invaders&#44 your leader will allow you to install more rockets to continue your campaign. You must be on your toes&#44 because there's not much time to aim when you are down to your last few rockets!
  • M-4 - Back in 1977&#44 Midway released an arcade game titled M-4. This is a pretty simple game&#44 where you take control of a tank where your goal is to accumulate as many points as you can within a 90 second period of time. You can score points for hitting the wall (well&#44 you only get one point for this)&#44 hitting an opposing tank&#44 hitting a car&#44 and hitting an airplane (which scores the most). Every time you or hte other tank gets hit&#44 the walls are rebuilt and the tanks are retgurned to their starting positions. The timer then pauses for a moment&#44 and the game then resumes.
  • Marble Jumper - Marble Jumper is a classic puzzle game played on a board with 33 squares. The goal is to clear the board with the last marble in the center. Marbles move by jumping horizontally or vertically. As in checkers&#44 the jump is valid if the adjacent position is occupied and the position two squares away is clear. During a jump&#44 the adjacent marble is removed from the board. Diagonal jumps are not allowed. Marble Jumper contains 24 puzzles&#44 including the original where all squares but the center are filled.

The 2005 Minigame Multicart features an original label and manual created by Nathan Strum.

Authors Chris Walton&#44 Fred Quimby&#44 Bob Montgomery&#44 and Zach Matley
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Label Design Nathan Strum
Manual Design Nathan Strum
Josiah Montgomery on 03/07/2024 12:56pm
This is a great multicart! 5 stars all the way.
Heres a game rundown:

-Hunchy: Hunchy is just awesome. Definitely one of the best 2600 games out there. It gets pretty tricky, and I'm definitely guilty of spending 25 minutes on the same screen before passing it, but the game is addictive enough that this usually doesn't become to frustating---usually. Also, I'll point out that the background noise / music was cleverly devised, where it changes pitch depending on how high on the screen you are. As someone whos dabbled in coding, I definitely appreciate efficiency like that.

-Jetman: Jetman is also pretty rad. Simple and intuitive, but surprisingly tricky after a few rounds.

-Nightrider: Nightrider is very hard, but only because top speed is the ONLY way to play it. Its pretty much completely memorization, with a bit of instinct as well. However, its good fun anyway.

-Zirconium: Also pretty fun, though a bit confusing sometimes. And the boss battles can get pretty dang intense.

-Rocket Command: Excellent game! Its pure timing, and even more so before I realized that you can control your speed. Hint: read the instructions, unlike myself.

-M-4: I love this game, especially since its 2-player. Also, it has a heck of a lot of modes, so you have lots of options for variety.

-Marble Jumper: Just a plain fun puzzle game. I've always liked it, as it requires a lot more thinking.

Overall, definitely worth buying one of these guys.
Mike Molero on 01/19/2007 01:55am
what a bargain! seven fantastic games for $25. i would have bought this cartridge at twice the price now that i have played all the games.

i would have to say that i play Nightrider more than any of the games on the cart. there's nothing like driving through unknown terroritory at blazing speeds while a helicopter attempts to bomb the crap out of you. and for what? for points! gotta love Atari!

Hunchy is by far the most difficult and frustrating minigame on the cart. several times i found myself wanting to launch my 2600 out of the window due to the rope screens. one day i will master the ropes, but until then, the pudgy hunchback and i are not on good terms. Hunchy is still a solid title and is one of my favorite of the seven games.

i read in the manual that in Zirconium something bad happens when you exceed a 200% shield or reach 9999 in the score. i can't see either of these happening. i played wave after wave and still had under 300 points when i decided to quit. the most satisfying thing on this cart is blowing away the mothership at the end of each wave, so i wouldn't exactly say this is a bad game, just questionable scoring. perhaps i am missing something. either way, i will always come back to Zirconium to beat my score and destroy that giant spaceship.

i love Jetman for the fact that it is so easy in first level, but by level three i found my palms starting to sweat as i frantically fly around the screen to prevent getting hit by oncoming obstacles. the Jetman himself is such a cute little sprite. he should be featured in another full-blown game.

Rocket Command is another great game as it is such a simple pick-up-and-play concept. each level gets harder within itself as you have less and less time to time you rocket-launching button-press in order to stop the rising invaders. the last three rockets in your stockpile will always be a challenge, even on the first level. unlike its gameplay, Rocket Command is not a hit-or-miss. it's a hit!

i really enjoy puzzle games, which is why i appreciate the fun and challenge found in Marble Jumper. with 24 variations crammed into the minigame, there's always something to look forward to.

M-4. genius. the only minigame that supports 1 or 2 player action (the rest are single player only). at first this was my least favorite game until i reread the manual and got past all the setting up/controls (be sure you know how to reload before you attempt your first game). this game alone includes a whopping 72 variations, including 30-second and 90-second games. if i HAD to choose a favorite, i think M-4 just might take the cake. i love it!

my only complaint with this cartridge is the title screen. it might be the TV that i'm using (a 24 inch flat panel LCD from Akai), but i can't see which game is currently select. this is the only flaw and the only reason why i did not give this cart a 5-joystick rating.

in conclusion, buy this cartridge. you won't regret it. there's something for everyone here. lot's of challenge, lot's of fun, and quite a variety.
Nathan Strum on 03/28/2006 04:21am
This cartridge is packed with entries from the 2005 Minigame Competition. Most are a mere 1k in size, but a lot of gameplay gets packed into those bits. The cartridge features a nice menu that you can select any of the seven games from, and also features on-screen instructions for every game. There's bound to be something for everyone in this cartridge, so here's the rundown:

Marble Jumper - 24 puzzles to solve, where the object is to end up with one marble in the center square. Fans of puzzle games will keep busy for quite awhile trying to work out all of the solutions. The graphics work perfectly fine for the game, although the sound consists solely of a little congratulatory music when you successfully solve a puzzle. Some in-game sounds or some music when you lost a puzzle would have been nice, too.

Hunchy - Based on the little-known arcade game, Hunchy features 16 screens to work your way through. It takes a lot of practice and precise timing to get through them, but you have unlimited lives to do so. A score would have been nice, or at least a level indicator. Controls are generally good, although jumping onto the swinging rope is a bit questionable. Still, Hunchy has a lot of game packed into a little space, and is surprisingly faithful to the original.

Jetman - You fly a jetpack around picking up fuel for a rocket, while dodging lasers. Jetman is the very definition of what a mini-game should be: simple, addictive, challenging, and fun. The only things lacking are a score, and better gravity simulation.

Nightrider - Maybe I'm just too impatient for Nightrider, but I have a hard time getting into this game. Bumping into a wall kills you. Bumping into a platform kills you. And there's a helicopter trying to kill you, too. I would have preferred a little more forgiveness when bumping into things, because otherwise the game is just start, crash, restart, crash, restart, crash, and so on. Plus, you always have to start back at the beginning - not where you crashed. Nice graphics though, and this game does have scoring.

Zirconium - A death-from-above shoot-'em-up, that manages to pack two screens into 1k. The first screen just rains a minefield down on your ship, and you have to fire constantly (and accurately) to clear a path through it. Meanwhile, you have to keep on the lookout for powerups to keep your shield energized. The second screen features a huge mothership that you have to blast away at before it reaches the bottom of the screen. Get past it, and it's back to the minefield, but with more mines, and the mothership grows larger and faster with each level, too. Zirconium is a blast, and would have made a good cartridge in its own right.

Rocket Command - Now here's a twist on the traditional space game. Instead of one of you vs. an army of them, you have an entire battalion of rockets at your disposal, and you try to shoot the aliens as they fly by one at a time. But it's not as easy as it sounds, since they fly by at different distances and ever-increasing rates. You can't just sit idly by and wait to pick them off either, since every one that goes by deducts points from your score. If you don't score enough per round - it's game over. Nice graphics, and the perfect mini-game for when you need that quick gaming fix.

M-4 - The only 4k game in the group, M-4 is worth the price of this cartridge by itself. An excellent port of the vintage arcade game, M-4 pits you against another tank (computer or human-controlled), where the object is to blast through his defenses and take him out. The player with the most points when time runs out is the winner, so this is a contest against time, as well as your opponent. M-4 has very good AI if you're playing alone, and will regularly beat you if you aren't quick on the trigger. Of course, head-to-head is the way this game is just screaming to be played. After all, what's more fun than blowing up your friends? With 72 game variations to choose from, including scrolling walls and invisible tanks, this game will see a lot of playing time in your 2600. A nice addition is the option to play a black and white "arcade" version of the game.
Brad Barratt on 01/01/2006 05:16pm
I had quite a bit of fun with this compilation. First of all, my favorite games out of all the games were Jet Man, Hunchy and Night Rider. They all were very fun.

Hunchy is very challenging. I found it frustrating but I kept coming back for more. You have to time your jumps well or poor Hunchy will die.

Jet Man is very, very cool. I found it challenging to grab the gas packs to power up the rocket. The game gets more difficult with each level that you clear.

Finally, Night Rider is another fun little game. You can even control the speed of the bike and it's a challenge to avoid the helicopter! Fun and fast paced!

Overall, this is a pretty decent compilation. If you like short, fun games, this compilation has your name on it.
Matthew Davis on 12/28/2005 11:15pm
This is a great buy. Seven fun little games on one cart with a menu to select between them - it's a great deal. Also, it's really neat to see the games people are able to squeeze out of 1K! I hope these mini-game multicarts become a tradition. Like every other AA homebrew I have bought, this also looks great, with a high quality label and manual.

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