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Coaxial (F-Type) to Female RCA Adapter
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Coaxial (F-Type) to Female RCA Adapter
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This adapter allows you to connect the RF output of a classic game system directly to the coaxial (cable) input jack on your television or VCR. We've found that you generally get a cleaner picture by using one of these adapters as opposed to using a TV/Game Switchbox.

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Reviewer: Glenn Wychryst
01/28/2017 02:16am
This little piece of metal is a big help with using your classic system on new televisions. I set my 7800 up to my coax, using a switched splitter I happen to have, and has basically given me another input. Great if you still have your coax connection open, even better.
Reviewer: Forrest Hodges
10/02/2011 07:42pm
When i got my Atari, the man sent one of these with it, and can I just say wow? this thing gives me amazing picture from a 4 switch woody system and I never use my switchbox anymore!
Reviewer: David Boeser
10/21/2005 11:28am
This little guy gives the best video I've ever seen out of my Vader 4-Switch. Supposedly, it's supposed to be the worst Atari 2600 graphically, but now it looks great! Now my switchbox is useless. Great buy.
Reviewer: John Altinger
10/31/2004 03:32pm
Save yourself a trip to Radio Shack if you dont have a switchbox. This little gizmo works great! Still not
a crystal clear picture, but WAAAAAAY better than what I used before. Well worth it.
Reviewer: Malcolm Hope
08/25/2004 03:37pm
Simple and extremely effective. Throw away your switchboxes (okay, stick 'em in a cupboard - I know what a bunch of pack-rats you all are!) and plug this into your TV instead. It produces a perfect picture for next to no money at all. If you have any old consoles or home computers that produce a static-filled picture on your TV, then give this a try right now.
Reviewer: Stephen Smith
08/22/2004 12:38am
I had my doubts, but this adapter works perfectly! It is cheaper than buying those switchboxes, and works better. I highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Bill Loguidice
08/15/2004 03:41am
I have more TV switchboxes than I care to think about. It's not always easy figuring a way to hook these switchboxes up to modern televisions. Most systems, except for the very proprietary ones, don't even need the switchbox with the use of this very simple adapter. ALL TV's, even the latest (to date) have a cable-ready input, which is what this plugs into. Problem solved and you get a much cleaner signal to boot. This is in fact even better in most cases than modifying your console for Composite or S-Video use, since this in no way changes the way the original games were meant to be displayed. Again, you just lose the need for the switchbox and gain a lot more flexibility! How can this not be a highest recommendation?
Reviewer: Joseph Aycox
08/05/2004 01:27pm
These are Awesome!!! I bought one for my 2600. It hooked up Niceley! =)
Reviewer: Brian Matherne
07/25/2004 02:26pm
This adapter is awesome! I've gone thru 3 TV/game switch boxes since the 80's with my Atari 2600 and now I never have to worry about that again.
Thanks AtariAge!
Reviewer: Billy Spradlin
06/26/2004 03:44pm
I live in a area where nearby we have the transmitter and tower of a 50ꯠ watt FM classic rock station. With the old Atari switchbox it was not hard to pick up te sounds of Lynard Skynard or Journey mixed in with Pole Position or Galaxian while playing my 2600!

This little adapter greatly improved the picture quality and took care of my RF problem. It also works great with the TV output of my Commodore 64 and my Fisher Price PXL 2000 B&W mini-camera. If youre tired of messing with those switchboxs that short out and have interferance get one of these ASAP.
Reviewer: Brandon Spore
01/30/2004 05:39pm
I just purchased two of these are they are great! Joseph Keller - How did you reverse a 6-way splitter so it had 5 inputs and 1 output?
Reviewer: Joseph Kollar
08/18/2003 06:47pm
I just got 5 of these adapters from AA and they kick serious amounts of ass. I hooked up my 2600, 5200, CV, C64 and Pong with these thru a six way splitter that's normally 1 in - 5 out but I reversed it. It works great, no switch boxes and whichever system gets power is the one that goes on screen. It's like having an automatic switchbox for 5 consoles.

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