Cosmo Fighter 3 - ColecoVision



As commander of the Cosmo Fighters, you have successfully defended the planet Xunor from an Alien Attack in Cosmo Fighter 2.

Unfortunately, you have failed to destroy the enemy fleet entirely. And now, after two years of peace in the galaxy, it’s back and once again seeking destruction! Again, you’ll have to face a dangerous fleet of enemy fighters before facing the final challenge...

Includes game cartridge only.

Author M. de Kogel
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick Controller
Cartridge Size 32K
Label Design Good Deal Games

Gene Diericks on 12/02/2023 06:47am
Fun game xevious style game for the colecovision. It's nice to be able to buy new games for the colecovision. Hopefully atariage will have more titles for sale in the future.
Joseph Kollar on 01/13/2007 07:25pm
CF3 is a fun shooter in the Xevious/Sky Jaguar style. It has very nice graphics for the CV and the controls are very smooth. I use a Genesis 3rd party pad with autofire when I play it because it gets tiresome repeatedly pushing the fire button with a CV stick. One interesting thing I noticed is that if you use a Super Action CV stick, all four buttons fire and you can get a nice spray of fire power using all of them.

The graphics are good. Nice detailed landscapes and a variety of enemy ships. The only cons in the graphics department are that the landscapes are a little too busy. It gets a little tiresome on the eyes during a long session. The other thing I would have liked to se is a little more interesting stage boss design.

The sound is decent. I'd like a little louder gameplay sounds over the music. The music is a little weird for this kid of game. It just doesn't seem to fit the frantic shooting action.

One strange thing I noticed is that the high score changes every time you turn the CV on. It's not recording my scores since these are much higher than I got so I wonder why that happens?

The label and box are nice but I was disappointed that there is no manual. It's not like it's hard to figure out, it's just point and shoot but I'd like a manual anyway. All in all it's fun shooter and well worth the money.

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