Space Battle - Atari 2600



The intergalactic treaty of 2345 has been broken by a race known as the G'ohrn. You are on patrol in the Gamma Sector of the Dyni'bian Cluster when you receive a distress call from Earth outpost #4. Your mission is to defend the remote Earth outpost.

In Space Battle, you must defend a remote Earth outpost from attacking invaders! But it's not as easy as it sounds--before you can even face the enemy onslaught, you must first land your ship on the outpost's defense platform while evading an enemy sentry! Once on the platform, you will then face the first wave of enemy fighters. Can you destroy them before depleting your fuel supply? To keep your fuel from running low, be sure to pick up the fuel pods released by exploding enemy vessels!

After you destroy the first wave, you'll then be faced with two morphing Kh'rylian Destroyers, and not only do they not drop fuel pods but they require several shots to destroy! And should you survive their fury, you won't have time for a break, as the enemies will send wave after wave of invaders to test your mettle!

Game Variations:

  • Standard Play
  • Steerable Laser Fire
  • No Shields
  • Disappearing Enemies

Includes cartridge and full-color manual.

Author Dave Neuman
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 4K
Label Design Nathan Strum and Dave Dries
Manual Design Nathan Strum and Dave Dries
Joseph Kollar on 03/06/2008 03:42pm
Space Battle- uninteresting name for a very cool game. It's sort of a cross between Megamania and Demon Attack but stands on it's own nicely.

SB is a shoot 'em up like many VCS games but it has enough new features to make it a unique challenge. The first screen requires you to land your ship while avoiding a baddie trying to smash into you. This is pretty easy at first but on later levels it gets more interesting. After landing, you enter a level and SB becomes a shooter with a couple of twists. The bad guys are at the top of the screen and move in patterns that change regularly which makes hitting them a little harder. This is also where the first twist comes in. Shooting a bad guy makes the other bad guys in that row turn into shields so you'll need to shoot around them to hit a different row. This makes the shield change to the new row and so on. The second twist is that your fuel supply rapidly depletes so you need to catch fuel that is dropped from the bad guy ships. This is harder than it sounds because it only changes into fuel when it's pretty low on the screen and close to you. You're have to always be ready to move out of the way if it stays a shot or scoot under it if it changes to fuel. After clearing this section you battle a pair of 'boss' ships that require multiple hits. There's no way to replenish your fuel on this screen so you need to make short work of the boss.

The graphics in SB are decent, Some of the ships are a little too dark against the dark background particularly the bad guy that tries to stop you from landing. Sound is good too although the low fuel alarm is irritatingly pierce. It's not the best looking/sounding game veer but it's not bad by any means. Controls are good with options for steerable missiles a plus.

If you like shooters, this is a nice addition. It's much more interesting than the endless parade of Space Invaders rehash homebrews the VCS seems to have.
Nathan Strum on 08/23/2007 04:46am
Space Battle is a shoot 'em up, where you have to destroy armadas of enemy ships, battle boss ships, then land safely to move onto the next round. Space Battle manages to separate itself from typical vertical shooters on the 2600 with several welcomed additions: you have to constantly catch fuel pods to keep your ship powered-up, the enemies move very unpredictably, and instead of just giving shields to the player, the enemies have them as well. Whenever you shoot an enemy, the rest of the ships in its group will raise their shields, so you can't shoot that group again, until you shoot some other group, first. This, coupled with its three different stages, really makes Space Battle challenging, varied and unique. I have to play it using steerable missiles (option 2) to last very long.

The graphics and sound are well done, although not as glitzy as some other homebrews. There are a few rough edges, and the game could have used a little more polishing here and there, like better gravity simulation during the landing stage and some other minor things. That said, Space Battle is a solid shooter, with enough unique elements to set it apart from the crowd, and most importantly - it's fun to play. It reminds me of some of the better, early 3rd-party games for the 2600. Space Battle re-captures some of the raw energy of those titles, but definitely in a good way. Well worth having for fans of shoot 'em ups.
laurent dziubas on 06/05/2007 07:00am
If Space Battle is not an original game, the combination of other games elements makes it fresh,fun and quite entertaining. A bit of Lunar Lander, Space Invaders and other ones but mixed in such a clever way and with new features that makes it indispensable for Space Games fan.Furthermore some of the graphics effects of the enemies are simply amazing.

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