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I may be young, but I'm no baby!

I'm a star just like my folks, Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man. And I've got twice their energy! Come play with me! We'll race around giant playgrounds. We'll chase down magic candy and run from ghostly bullies who'll tickle me to death if they catch me.

My playgrounds are full of challenging mazes with corners and alleys to hide in. I run faster than a speeding roller skate, ducking behind barriers, dodging those mean bullies. I can even race from one side of a playground to the other. That's a lot of ground to cover!

But I've got to play a lot harder than my folks to live up to the Pac-Man family name. That's why this is a whole new game!

Jr. Pac-Man is another classic arcade game faithfully brought to life on the Atari 7800 by programming wizard Bob DeCrescenzo. Jr. Pac-Man follows the popular Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man arcade hits, bringing new features such as a large, side-scrolling maze and bonus items that not only move about the maze but also destroy power pills they come into contact with! Bob DeCrescenzo's 7800 rendition of the game is even complete with the intermissions from the arcade.

This fast-paced, frenetic Pac-Man experience is not to be missed!

Includes cartridge and four-page, full-color manual. Available in NTSC and PAL television formats, please specify above when ordering.

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Author Bob DeCrescenzo
Number of Players 2
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Mark Foster on 04/22/2019 08:27pm
I love this game! I am using a Colecovision controller and i am having zero control problems. You can see my high score on YouTube. This game also has a bonus easter egg that is a hidden game. Great bonus. My favorite 7800 game! Recommend must buy.
Christopher Alan Gohm on 06/22/2018 07:54am
This is an excellent game. Except for one major problem. The controls it doesn't seem to respond properly with the joystick or directional pad. The other problem that Ive had with the game this that it is so fast that it doesn't help with the control problems either. Like sometimes when I for example want to turn a corner say to the right for example it will just continue to go down andif there was a ghost there I would get killed by the ghost.

Final thoughts.
This it is a good game and if you don't mind the faster than normal speed and some of the i responsiveness of the controls. Yes I would recommend this game to anyone that likes the original pac-man games.
VectorGamer on 08/17/2017 10:53am
I absolutely LOVE this game on Turbo speed. Arcade perfect!
Funkmaster V on 07/17/2017 07:32pm
Of all of the excellent Pac Man maze games in the Atari 7800 line up, this is one of the better ones. Pretty unique, but not crazy weird (like Super Pac Man)
Trebor on 03/06/2017 01:57pm
7800 Jr. Pac-Man is a fantastic port of a good game. Not holding quite the charm and balance of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man still is a good game in its own right, especially on the 7800, and here's why…

The most frustrating item surrounding Jr. Pac-Man is the default speed settings in which the monsters appear to overtake Jr. in a much more aggressive and rapid fashion than the previous titles. This problem is compounded by a large scrolling maze playfield with no escape tunnels to slow the monsters down.

A triple threat comes in the form of bonus items creating large dots which also slow down Jr.

As a side note, the game isn’t impossible. It is considerably more challenging than the ‘parents’ out the gate; however, one may become just as good with this title as with the predecessors, it just take more practice and patient. In an Arcade setting, it certainly is understandable that may not have been feasible or desirable for a considerable number of individuals (*Raises Hand*).

The 7800 port comes in though and counters the issues with the Arcade original by offering the available configuration of two items: 1. Number of men (From 3 to 5), and 2. The option for a 'fast' Jr. as opposed to his normal speed.

Those two items makes even the most apprehensive and dissatisfied of Arcade Jr. Pac players able to give the game another try. For the skeptical and extra timid, there is even a "Teddy Bear" mode which greatly decreasing the difficulty of the monsters and starts the game on an easier maze.

The game sounds great and looks great. Intermissions are all present and as an extra bonus a "Plus" mode is included featuring all the wacky antics of the way power pellets and bonus items interact with the game often deviating from the expected; sometimes even turning the maze board invisible for a while. It's like having two games-in-one, or at least a deluxe edition along with the standard edition available with the included "Plus" Easter egg.

So what's wrong with it? Nothing; seriously it’s really hard to find a negative thing about the game, unless one just does not like the game itself.

If you absolutely hate Jr. Pac-Man this game will probably due nothing to change that, but still respectively request to give it a try with 5 lives, fast mode, and even start it on the "Teddy Bear" mode. Unless you’re hell-bent with hatred for it, there may very well be a change in attitude towards this terrific port. If you're so-so about the game, this port may very well make you a fan when incorporating the same aforementioned tweaks.

For those that already like or love the Arcade game, it doesn't get better than this. The best port of Jr. Pac-Man available for any home console or computer, it should be a part of every 7800 owner’s collection.
Mark Lechman on 11/23/2016 02:24pm
Excellent, excellent port. If you're a fan of the original, buy this now. It's all there like you remember it. Just double-check your difficulty switches before you start playing as mine were both set to "left" which makes Jr. move way too fast around the maze -- heck, I made it to the fourth board on my first guy, which if you've played the arcade version, you know is damned near impossible! Once I set the switches back over, the game became just like the arcade. Well worth the price!
tkarner on 06/01/2016 08:17pm
I've known about this game for a while but never picked it up because I already had the excellent Atari 8-bit Jr. Pac Man. On a recent visit to the Digital Press store I finally bought the 7800 version. As good as the 8-bit version is, this 7800 version is even better. It has the intermissions but more importantly it just plays better. The maze scrolling is much smoother. I also like the inclusion of the teddy bear maze. Yes, it's easy but it's a good maze and a good warm up before hitting the tough mazes.

Basically, any 7800 game by Bob Decrescendo is a must buy. Hopefully we can get a 7800 version of Gorf...?
Oliverqueen on 03/15/2015 11:44am
I enjoyed the 2600 port quite a bit, but Jr. Pac-Man on the 7800 is by far my favorite version. The mazes are the way they were in the arcade (long horizontal wise instead of veritcal wise in the 2600 port.)

What else can I say except that it's Jr. Pac-Man. It's more difficult that regular Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man. To me, controls seem to be good. The gameplay is fast and fun as always, and it's great game.

This is a must own for any Pac-Man enthusiast and a good pick up for anyone who has a 7800.
Alita Jean on 07/15/2014 11:42pm
3rd time's a charm!

For those of you want an edgier, more hardcore version of endless pellet munchers, rather than the endless Pac and Ms Pac rehashes, look no further. Pacman and Ms Pacman had a baby and Jr Pacman is here. With epic side-scrolling mazes too big to fit in his previous 7800 Pacman Collection, Bob has put together this lovely port for us to enjoy. The audio is nigh flawless and all seven fullsize sidescrolling mazes from the original are here in all their glory. Jr Pacman is tough, no doubt about it, but there are several mode options to help you on your quest.

The Left difficulty switch sets the number of lives (left for 5 lives; right for default 3 lives, but trust me when I tell you you'll want all five) and the right difficulty switch toggles speed boost. On either setting, Jr Pacman is no picnic. Pellets slow you down, and toy powerups mutate the existing pellets to slow you down even more. Eat the powerup before it destroys your precious power pellets! One ore little quirk borrowed from the original arcade is that the slow mutated pellets dissapear when you die. I'm not sure if it's good that you don't have to eat them or bad that you lose the points. Eitehr way the ghosts are far more relentless in this version than they ever were in Pacman and Ms Pacman. Fast mode (right difficulty switch to the left) is a test of reflexes whereas the normal slower speed will test your every wit to plan ahead and evade the ghosts.

Even if you do Game Over, never fret because you can select the stage pick up where you left off. The final "root beer" stage is particularly insane with the deadly corner traps. In classic Atari fashion, there is also a special "teddy bear" stage for beginners to practice with. The maze design of this stage has thicker walls, vertical warps, and more closely resembles the graphical style of Ms Pacman 2600. Also the movement is really slow, almost insultingly so with "normal" speed setting. The "teddy bear" stage is good for learning the ghost patterns, but it just seems like the stage's inclusion was meant for the kids who rode on the short bus. Should you persevere and finish the "teddy bear" stage, you'll quickly start back on the default Tricycle stage to play the original game as it was meant to be played.

The music is flawless even for the stock 7800 TIA chip, and the cut scenes are some of the longest ever featured in a classic arcade Pac game. I won't spoil if for you but the adventures of Jr and Yum-Yum during the cutscenes are priceless and you'll be well rewarded if you stick it out and see them all. Rumor has it there's some as of yet undiscovered Easter Egg but so far nobody has found it yet.

Overall, Jr Pacman is not for the feint of heart, but there is much here to enjoy, and the arcade classic finally has a definitive home console port thanks to the efforts of Robert "Bob" Decrescendo. Be sure to play with a good working joystick. If you enjoyed 7800 Pacman Collection but are still yearning for more, Jr Pacman is for you!

5 out of 5 joysticks :)
BenjaminR on 05/08/2014 01:11pm
Ah geez! Sorry for posting the harsh review earlier, I was using the Atari 7800 Euro pad with Jr. Pac-Man, and it just doesn't cut it for Pac-Man games. Just scored an Epyx 500XJ joystick and I wanted to write an update review and say that now the game plays PERFECTLY! Looks wonderful just like the arcade version did. Make sure to use a joystick with the game, and it's a wonderful experience, this game was not meant for a controller pad.
BenjaminR on 03/20/2014 11:54am
The graphics are absolutely perfect, but I have to mention that the control is not quite right. I tested this game with both the original Atari 7800 and the Euro pad controller. Jr. Pac-Man will not always reverse on the fly or turn down a corner when you really need him to, and that makes this game a lot less fun that it could have been if the programmer would have taken the time to correctly iron out the non-responsive controls. Too bad, I really loved playing the arcade version of this game, with a controller fix, this game would be perfect. Can’t give this a better review because the controls are junk.
Horace Grant on 07/04/2012 02:52am
I purchased this game a few years ago from this site.
I must say, its about as close as a port of an arcade version of PMJR can get for a system of the day.
I rate this 7800 port of JR with 5 out of 5 stars.
Very well done homebrew.
I look forward to more games in the future.
Nathan Strum on 12/15/2010 01:47pm
Jr. Pac-Man is one of many sequels to Pac-Man, this time featuring Pac-Man's son. The usual group of monsters is in pursuit, and you're still eating dots and power pellets, but the key difference this time is that the maze is much wider than usual, meaning you have a lot more dots to eat, and a lot more ground to cover. Complicating matters are the lack of escape tunnels and the toy bonus items that periodically bounce through the maze. Instead of just benignly hopping around waiting to be eaten, the toys turn normal dots into larger ones that dramatically slow you down (but give you more points), and they'll also destroy your power pellets if you don't get to them in time.

Jr. Pac-Man is an excellent port of the arcade game. The graphics, including the title screen and intermissions are all faithfully reproduced. The sound is very good, although the 7800's limitations are noticeable. The game plays like the original, and is just as mercilessly hard. Fortunately, there are options available to increase Jr.'s speed and give him more lives, and you more of a chance to survive.

Jr. Pac-Man is a solid addition to the growing library of Pac-franchise titles for the 7800. It may be a bit too difficult for the casual gamer, but die-hard Pac-fans who are looking for a serious challenge should check it out.
Jay Comeau on 05/09/2010 09:23pm
Wow I am the first to review? I would have thought that everybody who purchased Pacman Collection would have been all over this! Poor Jr has an interesting tale, as Namco never took over the rights to the game, and Midway produced it without proper authorization from Namco. So poor Jr remains somewhat of an orphan as Midway is in bankruptcy and Namco refuses to acknowledge the game as part of the series. The only official home console port ever made was for the 2600, and while it's a fun and challenging game, it doesn't resemble the arcade game much as it really pushed the 2600. It scrolls vertically instead of horizontally, and just doesn't have the same graphical lustre. Until now. Atariage's own pacmanplus (or Bobby D as i like to call him) has produced an amazingly accurate port for the 7800 to go with his fantastic Pacman Collection. It fills a sorely missing gap in the 7800 library, and is worth every penny. In fact, I ordered both at the same time and I am MORE than impressed with the professional grade of the products. In fact I am even considering ordering his 7800 port of Super Pacman, simply because his work is incredible despite the fact I don't even like Super Pac all that much. 5 joysticks EASY.

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