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Hordes of alien invaders are threatening to invade planet Earth, descending from the skies in countless numbers. You must destroy them with your laser cannon before they land. In the meantime, you must avoid getting hit by alien laser bombs.

The fewer of those battle crazed monsters are left in the sky, the faster they move, unleashing more of their deadly laser bombs! Even when you think they've all been destroyed, another set of invaders appear. The battle is on again!

Concentrate--you must be fast and accurate to save the world!

Arcade fans (at least fans of classic arcade games!) will be glad to learn that Bob DeCrescenzo has brought the arcade hit Space Invaders to the Atari 7800 in grand style! Not only do you get a fantastic port of the arcade game, but Bob's given Space Invaders fans a myriad of options to keep any Space Invaders fanatic busy for months! Moving Shields, No Shields, Zigzagging Laser Bombs, No Laser Bombs, Fast Laser Bombs and even Invisible Invaders! One or two players can play, with two different two-player modes!

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Includes cartridge and four-page, full-color manual. Available in NTSC and PAL television formats, please specify above when ordering.

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Author Bob DeCrescenzo
Number of Players 2
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Rictor Riolo on 09/12/2019 11:45am
I am glad to have Space Invaders added to my 7800 collection. The color schemes are fun. Very nice game!
Ben Langberg on 08/03/2019 09:55am
Here's the short review: If playing a really good arcade version of Space Invaders with all the game variations from the Atari 2600 version sounds like fun, this game is for you.

Today you can get "arcade perfect" Space Invaders in various Taito arcade compilations for modern consoles, so if a version for the Atari 7800 was going to be special, it needed to be more than just another port.

Combining arcade Space Invaders with the game variations from Atari 2600 port was a great idea, and the results are excellent. Being able to choose the color palette is icing on the cake. Space Invaders is a simple game by even classic standards, but if you are an avid Atari fan, I can't imagine you not liking this game.
Lucas Morris on 01/23/2018 09:10pm
If you are looking for a perfect arcade port of Space Invaders then this is for you.

It has some great options for shield set up etc. However, I was wishing there was slightly more with the ability of the 7800.
Funkmaster V on 07/17/2017 07:53pm
This game reminded me of how much I loved the Atari 2600 version of Space Invaders. Tons of options. great game. one of the best ever.
trebor on 04/12/2017 11:44am
It's the classic Space Invaders and then some. Once again, a fantastic port of a beloved Arcade game under the 7800 is delivered in spades. The straight up arcade original can be played, or a plethora of options can be selected, including various color schemes to match the overlays of variations and sequels (I.E. Space Invaders Part II, Space Invaders Deluxe, etc). There are a total of four different color schemes to choose from.

Colors are just the tip of the iceberg though, as the other options and features include: Moving Shields, No Shields, Zigzag Laser Bombs, No Laser Bombs, Fast Laser Bombs, and Invisible Invaders.

String two or three of the above options together and even the most seasoned of players will find it to be most challenging.

Mixing it up nicely when 2 players are involved, there is not only the typical alternating turn configuration, but a simultaneous play competition mode too.

Having Easter just around the corner, whether perceived as a treat or an egg, hold down the pause button, during power up wait for the title screen - you should see "Taito Corporation" being swapped back and forth with Bob's full name. Start up a game, and play with the older sister's sprites.

Sound is handled very well and graphics are managed under the 320 graphics mode looking beautiful. Although the Space Invaders movement by frame is absent, the game plays very smoothly with responsive controls.

Of course the Command Alien Ship is present, making it ever so tempting to go for those "Mystery" points.

Unless you absolutely hate Space Invaders, this is a most excellent port to own and a great edition to the 7800 library.
BenjaminR on 03/19/2014 09:05pm
I'm a Space Invaders fanatic and have been since the early 1980's. Over the decades, I have collected nearly every home edition of Space Invaders on just about every game console imaginable (including the Japanese Nintendo Famicom
Clayton on 06/14/2013 06:03pm
I've been waiting so long to get a high quality SPACE INVADERS. This is it. I've always loved this game. I think it was one of the first coin op games I played at the arcade. It was a back room in a convenience store in a small town. I was real young early 80's. Anyway I've always wanted this game in this quality. I liked the Atari 2600 version but it didn't look like the arcade version. This does!!! I love the art work too and this game is challenging. As far as I can tell real close to the original. I wish I could of bought this back in the 80's.
Nathan Strum on 12/15/2010 01:49pm
In Space Invaders (as if you didn't already know...) you control a mobile laser cannon that must blast away at never-ending hordes of alien invaders who are trying to take over your planet. You have shields you can temporarily hide behind, but the aliens' march is relentless, and eventually they'll land and it's game over.

Space Invaders is a great port of the arcade classic for the Atari 7800. The graphics and gameplay are spot-on, and there are the usual wealth of options: invisible invaders, moving shields, faster enemy bombs, etc. The sounds are pretty good, although the 7800 simply can't reproduce the original arcade game's distinctive sound effects. You can change the colors used in the game to mimic different overlays that were used in the arcade cabinets, and the options menu looks like it would have been right at home on the arcade original, but there's no hint of the background artwork that the arcade game featured. There's also a hidden option to use the 2600 version's graphics instead, although they're a bit squashed-looking, and the 2600 sounds aren't used.

If you want Space Invaders on the 7800, this port delivers. However, given the capabilities of the 7800, I kept wishing there was more to it - like the inclusion of Space Invaders Deluxe, or some of the other Taito games of that era like Galaxy Wars or Lunar Rescue. As it is, it's a really good version of Space Invaders, but for $30 it just doesn't seem like quite enough.
Brian R. on 10/15/2010 12:09pm
Unlike Pac-Man, which had a horrid yet high-selling port to the 2600, Atari gamers have never really felt short-changed when it came to Space Invaders. Sure, 2600 Space Invaders wasn't much like the arcade, but it was a well done conversion and became the 2600's "killer app" that made the system's sales take off. The 5200's Space Invaders went even further away from the arcade, but was good in its own way. But Space Invaders (and Pac-Man) were never released for the 7800, until now. While the 2600 version was considered good and is fondly remembered, this version for the 7800 probably comes closest to bringing the arcade game home of any version I've seen. Not only does it look arcade-accurate, it's hard! It's also full of variations for appearance and gameplay to keep the game fresh, fun and challenging. If you're a Space Invaders fan, and you have a 7800, getting this game is an easy call to make. I don't know if you'll find a better home version short of arcade emulation, combined with that indescribable feel of playing it on your Atari 7800 system.
On a side note, you'll see that the creator of this game also brought Pac-Man to the 7800 in grand style via the Pac-Man Collection, which is also available in the store as of this writing, and is also highly recommended.
thebiggw on 06/28/2010 10:36pm
I love this game! Excellent looking label equally excellent game play!! If you don't own it yet.....quit reading and start buying!!
This game will not disappoint you all of my favorite variations are included in this cartridge even the invisible enemies!

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